Please add a parallel way to make splines available to Crayon Users

I have used Apple Pencil gen1 for a long time in Shapr as a student and hobbyist, but I found the design of the use of splines awful since the Apple Pencil was really slippery and difficult to hold steadily when being pressed to place a point of spline.
Several days ago I broke my former Apple Pencil and bought a new Logitech Crayon to take notes and shapr because I’d buy a new iPad Pro months later. What’s terrible was that I found Crayon unusable on Shapr without splines. You guys should know how important the spline is in modeling and that’s why I am here writing.
My suggestion is somple: add a new way to use the spline function for pens without pressure sensitivity. For example, clicking on the line twice to place a point on a spline is a convenient way, or you can just place a button on the left or right side for the adjustment points.

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OK, we will.


Really thank you!

Is there an ETA for this? Thanks in advance!