Pro Version Subscription


I subscribed to the Pro version at 19.99 € but it does not activate, what to do ?

Thank you


Can you send a video of the problem?

Are you logged into your Shapr account and your Apple ID as well?

I am connected to Apple but I do not have a shapr3D account, I have one on the forum

Désolé pour le mauvais anglais

I see. Please send a picture of the problem, hard to understand without seeing :frowning:


Please go to your App Stores subscription management page and see if you indeed have a subscription?

Please check if you indeed have a subscription.

I have one


Great, next step :slight_smile:
Can you use PRO features, like color etc.


Are you signed in? Please check if there is an Account option, if not you are not signed in

I can use the color but I go back to gray on the work page

For the account (Lo gin / sign up) but I do not know what to enter

Ok, then please log in, by tapping on the menu we talked about:.” LOg in/ sign up”

When you signed up for the trial, you had to sign up, you have entered an email address and a password. If you don’t remember the password , please tap on “Forgot password” and request a new one.

I have already subscribed to Shapr, I have never connected and it worked without any problem

And can you use the PRO features now?

I can not create an account for testing

I unsubscribed in November and then re-subscribed today

Are you on the LOg in screen?

If you have already signed up please request a new password

I am on the Login page but there is nothing to register

I will unsubscribe

Merci :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no need for that :slight_smile:

We will figure out the problem.

How come you don’t see the screen?

Tap on login/signup. Attaching a picture, if you don’t remember password tap on “forgot password”

I have never created an account to use the old version, I have what you show me on the screen but I have never had an account with other versions of Shapr Pro

Did you use Twitter or Facebook login before?

I have never had a twitter account and facebook

Would we be able to have a skype session where you show your screen and I’d be able to show you the process?

Please create an account on the signup page.