Project edges from model to construction plane

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I need to pick up details from a model onto (normal to) the construction plane, then be able to extrude an open curve as a surface to use as a split body.

This is simple basic stuff. It is so frustrating to be thrown out of a sketch because the pointer touches on a edge in the background, particularly an edge that is needed (normal to) in the sketch. And we still don’t have the functionality of “pull up to” for extruding a surface of a solid up to be co incident with another surface edge or point.

Struggling with the basics here. Please help!

Can you provide a picture of what you are trying to do?

I have brought the same issue up more then once and I seem to get the same response of using the project command to project edges onto a plane or new sketch. There needs to be a “Use Edge” command under the sketching commands.

Thank you

Hi TM,

Thanks for your fix. I havent had time to get back to that model, but below is what i was attempting to do. When things don’t meet exactly fillets become impossible.

Hi Danny,

There are a few inadequacies which will take time for them Shapr team to get to.

One of my frustrations is that in SpaceClaim, which I normally use, is with the “Pull” tool, they have an “Up To” setting. So when pulling any point line or surface the Up To feature ensures the pull is to the exact level of the point line edge or surface that is selected. The most important feature of that is that if you Pull a Surface Up To an other Surface the two surface are exactly coincident (though not necessarily co joined. There is another button for “Do Not Merge”.

And i think you are referring to the desperate need to be able to project point and lines from anywhere around the model to the construction plane. I agree 100% on that one, too.

This feature is awesome for healing bad geometry, for as you know the slightest variation between two solid surfaces will mess up combining and filleting.