Projected sketches are mixed

Hello, everyone. I have a trouble. I added a construction plane to the plane of one entity to make a projection sketch to make the other two entities. When I was preparing to make the second entity, I found that the new sketch could not be projected. Projection The section that comes out will be mixed with the first sketch and no new sketch can be created. How can I solve it, thank you

Hi! Could you please update some screenshots or a short video of the project? It would help a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Peter

For example, I want to build a candy box with top and bottom covers
Draw the bottom first
Draw a circle
Extrude to create a solid
Shell pulling

Draw the cover
Set a plane at the junction
Then the projected sketch is merged with the bo

ttom sketch instead of another sketch

Hi, thanks for the pictures!
At this time it is not possible to create more than one sketch on the same plane. If you have a sketch on a plane and later on you create a line on the same plane, the line will be a sketch element of the existing sketch on the given plane. Technically, a part of the sketch.

In your example, you draw a circle on the grid (the base plane), extruded the circle into a cylinder below the plane, then shelled it out. Even though you have created a plane on the top of the cylinder, it is placed exactly on the base plane, so every projection made on the plane will be a part of the sketch on the base plane.

If you wish to project the edges to a different sketch, please offset the plane by a few millimeters and the result will be a new sketch.

…. For some operations like lofting, do I have to move the entity to the original plane?

No, it is not necessary. You can place the sketches anywhere.

Feel bad
I can only bear it.

Hello, can you please tell me how can we help you?
I think you could achieve a smoother result if you create some guide curves for the Loft tool: