'projecting' a closed sketch from body edges

hi gelphyn,

thanks for the detailed reply, sorry i did not see it until now!

that doesnt really address my question… i understand that shapr3d implements things as you describe, but i dont understand why it HAS TO implement it that way.

using your cube example, why can i not use one of the vertical faces (including the 4 edges) in the same way i can use the original sketch(/4 sketches) of the rectangle?

i know i can take those 4 edges and project them onto another construction plane to get back to a sketch, but why do i need those extra steps? the geometry is already there, but for some reason i cant use it!

when you have a more complex shape than a cube this problem becomes more time consuming and annoying.

(i have also run into an issue with the projected sketch where i can’t actually use it: Can’t fill in gap in generated offset edges)

@Larry I was responding to your question regarding the difference between Sketch Lines and Body Edges.
It was not intended to suggest this as the method of choice for Sketching.
I am sorry if my explanation has been unable to satisfy your needs, however there are many Forum Members plus the S3D Team willing to help. I will contribute if the subject is within my capabilities.
To make progress please keep asking for assistance along the learning curve.

Moving on to

Your frustration is understood, what you want does not happen in the way you expect. The resolution is to set about finding out how to do what is needed with the software as it is. The chances of the software being able to oblige are extremely high.

Do you wish to ‘use’ a Cube face to create a further Sketch?
If that is your requirement simply Double Tap with your Fingers on the selected Face, it will reorient itself to present a full on view complete with a Grid visible. No need to follow the Projection routine.
Be aware that Bodies formed from these particular Sketches will be part of the existing Body, you will be modifying the existing surface.

It would be very useful if you could provide a ScreenShot or Video Clip of the object you are working with.
If you are looking to Sketch on smaller or narrow surfaces zoom in so that your fingers have something to accurately hit.
If you need to Sketch where no surface currently exists the Add a Construction Plane feature can be deployed.
If you want to Sketch on to the curved surface of a Cylinder then the Projection feature will be useful.

I will visit the appropriate Thread in order not to create discussions in two places on the same subject.
First attempts to download your item has delivered a file that does not want to be opened.

The S3D Team are working flat out on continual improvements. Something learned today will possibly be easier to do tomorrow, features old and new really do ‘happen’ with this software.
I my opinion this software is the best available and I never cease to be amazed how capable it is. In my case it seems to be limited only by what I as a User can do with it.