Quick Selection option

Hey, I was wondering if there is an easy way to select only the sides of the items.
I thought I saw a tutorial video on YouTube where by holding the tab while selecting objects with the Apple Pencil it does the trick, but it doesn’t seem to work for me…

Thank you

With the Apple Pencil, when you are doing area selection, there is a selection filter while you drag the window. While you are dragging the window, with your other hand you can change the fitler.

Thank you. I found it. The thing is if for example I just want to select the top faces (like the image I attached) in order to make a quick change to the height of the closet… but the selection tool also selects the front in the same selection. How can I choose only the top / front edges?

Using the area selection feature. I think this article might help.

I am only using Shapr3D with the iPad with Apple Pencil, and I just wanted a quick change to the height. I attached a video. Is there a way to do this selection quickly without selecting each face?

Thank you!

Like this:

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