Recover deleted models?

Is there any way to recover deleted models?



If you have Sync enabled, you can contact the Support team at and we can recover the project for a short time after deletion. If Sync isn’t enabled, everything is stored locally, so there is now way to recover it.

All may not be lost!

Not all, but also a lot of ordinary backup schemes, IF running, would indeed be a (somewhat) complicated solution for recovery.

On MacOS; TimeMachine, CarbonCopy, ChronoSync, etc, would all produce a useful backup and history (snapshots) depending on setup.
(I also use pCloud to in realtime backup the Shapr workspaces folder to the cloud that has the ability to ‘rewind’)

From my earlier thread:

I frequently store complete versions on and off line of:
Maybe you can find an equivalent path in Windows in a backup.
(To restore just a specific previous workspace I find the one I need in the folder (some clue is in the folders and time stamps). Then go off-line for safety. Copy the found one like 0c867574-e2a4-4607-8d4f-463c721c8de0 an alter some singel character to get new workspace. Starting Shapr now gives a recovered “untitled project”. Earlier I had some success with importing just a file after renaming but that does not worked last I tried. And a complete workspace-folder restore feels anyhow safer.)

On iOS I prefer the control of iMazing instead of MacOS/iTunes, this gives a complete backup and history in a similar way. Path: Shapr3D/Backup/Documents/workspaces/
(This also gives the possibility to instantly ‘downgrade’ the Shapr app if/when things (temporarily) goes south in an upgrade.)

My 2¢ /BK