Is there a referrals scheme to motivate product promotion?

Hi @Peterjfirth , currently there isn’t. What do you think, what could be a good reward for referrals?

'I think best survey members but maybe 25% of annual subscription?

Hello! I teach drawing in 3d, I currently have more than 40 students, and I would love to recommend your product to them, and the referral program would motivate me a lot) Even 10% from each subscriber would be great
We have a developing region, few people know about your product, I alone could attract hundreds of new subscribers for you

Students and teachers have FREE access to Shapr3D with legitimate verification of the educational facility. Shapr3D is a startup company, funded by venture investors, and the token annual fees of non educating users. If you believe in the product, you should be promoting this program as much as possible, to ensure the long term success of Shapr3D. You’re already getting it for free. Isn’t that enough incentive?

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@McD I fully agree with that. There is one thing to consider though. Education and or training does not always happen within recognised education facilities (schools, uni’s etc). Could also happen in community based learning centers (non-commercial) or even commercial companies providing S3D training. Are they eligible to free subscriptions?
Anyway, I agree with your statement and I cannot think why S3D should pay part of the income from referrals to the referrer.