Hi, I’m quite underwhelmed at the moment by the reflections, as they seem only a texture of a room with some lighting equipment and not reflections of other parts of the model. Do you plan to add raytracing and custom lighting in the future?

Hi @Thomas_Hahmann , Visualization feature is not designed to compete directly with raytraced renderers, however it’s not impossible that we implement a raytracer in this feature later. We designed this feature for design reviews, quick iterations, stakeholder presentations and client meetings. The real time feedback that Visualization gives makes it really easy to quickly try out different variations of your design, check out different materials, without waiting for minutes for a beautiful picture. And the best part: literally anyone can use it!


Visualization is a quick - and incredibly helpful feature for moving design conversations along. Do you really want to mess about with ray tracing when you are showing your design to someone to try and get approval in about 15 seconds? I have already seen massive improvements in work flow, and just importantly, been able to get more clear requests and approvals simply by having this feature. Creating comprehensive renderings is a long, drawn out process with millions of calculations. This feature is close enough to real to move things along so later you can put the effort into rendering with much less angst that only then will the client claim that isn’t what they wanted.

If there is an option later on to add or subtract a few reflection objects, perhaps from a preference pane or by selecting them from a map, that would be a great thing. One idea would be to provide a short list of object types - for example a photo studio as it appears to be now, a medical lab, a construction site and a generic interior. Then you just select the one and that allows the system to use its reference library without additional computations. I think a user would get familiar pretty quickly with the options and choose based on prior experience without having to invest much mental power.

But if this software stopped iterating from 5.80 to end of time, I’d still be happy with it. I already look like the genius on the shop floor just by being able to show my design intent, so quickly and easily. And it has been remarkably stable to use and easy to apply. Another ten textures and maybe some colour options for wood and it’d be astonishing.


That’s very kind of you. But we are just getting started. :wink:

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Could you elaborate on what materials do you miss now? By “colour options for wood” you mean painted wood textures or you would like to have the ability to tweak the color of the wood materials?

Because this is quickly getting away from the subject heading started by another user, which definitely deserves its own discuss, I’ll start a more appropriate thread entitled “wood textures”.