Saving lots of components (workflow tip / smaller model file size)

Hi all
I’m hoping for some workflow tips from other users who work with the same components in lots of different drawings;

A lot of my designs are made up of stage truss, so I find I have a catalog of lots of individual ‘standard’ truss components that I use in many different drawings to create different truss structures.
Currently, I have a template drawing/file with all of the truss parts, and just duplicate that each time I want to create something new.

The problem I have with this method is the level of detail in the truss parts means that on larger models it slows Shapr3d down quite a lot, especially with visualisations.

Are there any better ways for me to do this? I was wondering if it’s better to export each truss part as a separate file/model, but I can’t seem to find a way of doing this that also works to compress the file/join the model together as a unified fixed shape (basic model without the mesh details).