Shapr3D 2.0 - beta testers wanted!

I have already installed the beta tonight. She looks very interesting. I am looking forward.

Beta 2.0 working really well with complex models. Rendering and rotation of object really smooth. I like it! :slight_smile:

Just been trying out constraints - seems a really powerful feature. I have worked out how to toggle the little padlock on and off and based on this I am able to manipulate drawings - this feature is really helpful. I can see some option buttons on the left of the screen at this point eg parallel, perpendicular, but not sure how these work - should they respond to being tapped or are they just for information? Anyway, really enjoying the new release - well done guys!:grinning:

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Select curves to use the buttons on the left.

How do i report bugs?


Feel free to post it here, that way others can respond to the reports.

Bug: Create line or curve, double tap to enter constraints, select Undo instead. Curve disappears but handles remain and can still be selected.

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Yes, just fixed this. We are going to update a new version in a few hours. Actually we will update the beta every day.

Count me in. Very interested

Colors are not final :slight_smile:

Check your mail! I sent you the instructions.

Create circle, double tap to enter constraints. (Perhaps object should remain selected?) Tap radius marker, lock on keypad appears closed - should be open. Tap lock to open, then tap enter, keypad closes and lock appears in radius marker - should not appear. Circle radius is NOT locked.

Concentric res not appear to work?

How can I send you a shapr file (exported workspace?) that you could use to reproduce a crash? Or are we too early in the testing for that?

Yes, the lock button is broken. Concerric constraint will be added in tonight’s release:)
Also the shapr file export is broken currently, we will fix it today or tomorrow.

I don’t mind sending in known bugs but if there was a list somewhere that would help.

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Btw the constraints feature is extremely cool, the way you have implemented it.

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Bug? When you deselect a selected object by clicking on it, the length/radius marker is not removed. Occasionally this leads to two active length/radius markers at the same time. I’m guessing this is not the intended behavior.

General issue: constraining two objects relative to each other, e.g. perpendicular or equal, behaves predictably when there are additional constraints, like locked control points. Not clear how they should behave otherwise, and currently the behavior is erratic/buggy. Just curious as to how you are going to address this.

Bug: Typically, if I create two objects, experiment with constraints, exit mode, select Delete and delete on of the objects, the app will crash. I can send file once export is fixed, if the bug still exists.