Shapr3D 2.0 - beta testers wanted!


Bug: If I constrain three lines, e.g. all equal length, two perpendicular to a third, then i am not able to remove any of the constraints. When I click on the symbol (e.g. = sign) the “x” does not appear.


Can you explain a bit more please? What are the issues you have experienced? Can you show a screencast?

Delete crash will be fixed in the next beta. We are aware of that.

Also, can you give a step by step reproduction of the “x does not appear” issue?


Yes I’ll follow up after the holiday festivities.


“x does not appear” bug: Launch Shapr, create new workspace, view from top, create two intersecting lines, double tap to edit constraints, select both lines and set equal, tap on one endpoint, lock the endpoint, tap on equal constraint marker, x does not appear, so constraint cannot be removed.

related bug: follow above steps, when you tap on either equal constraint marker, previously locked endpoint becomes unlocked, tap on either equal constraint marker again endpoint becomes locked again.


Quick question

Is it by choice that moving an object after choosing the move menu requires you to choose the free form tool even for a Simple drag and drop. Previously, that move ability was the default. Took me a while to figure out how to move it…:slight_smile:



Yes, this is by design. Many people did not understand the previous flow.


Ho Istvan, I’ve tried twice to send screencasts - as you suggested - once to this address, once to , but they were rejected: " Reason: Server rejected MAIL FROM address.”

Any suggestions?


Hi, please try or ! Both should work. And thanks for the reports :slight_smile:


How does this work differently from before?


Can you explain this also? Thanks.


Automatic sketch groups:
Now sketches are automatically added to separate groups. Every plane you start sketching on, will create a new sketch group. (In the groups menu, sketch groups and shape groups will be distinguished visually as well, but this is not implemented yet.)

Improved arc/line recognition:
In the 1.2 it was really hard to draw a circle without wiggling the pencil. This is improved (and we are still working on it)


Beta 2 is on it’s way.


  • concentric constraint now works
  • lots of crashes are fixed
  • sketching on faces is improved
  • missing icons are added
  • revolve tool is fixed
  • export to .shapr file format is fixed (and export in general improved)
  • double tap ortho mode is fixed
  • the black visual artifact around constraints is fixed
  • picking (selection) is improved


Offset no longer works, sometimes when trying to draw a line small circle or arc appears then app quits.


Bug: Create a pair of two-dimensional shapes (sketches) one enclosing the other, on the same plane. Could be circles, squares, triangles, etc. Select outer area and extrude. The inner area is included in the extrusion.


I’m not able to get “double tap ortho mode” to work. I sketch a circle, tilt the axes, select the area and extrude it, then double tap on a flat surface, e.g. the top. Nothing happens. Perhaps I am missing something?


I like that the delete tool now effects only individual sections of a compound curve. So we don’t have to separate the sections before deleting. Is that permanent?


Bug: As I sketch an open circle, the radius indicator in upper right has a fixed value of 10.1349, not the actual radius.

Bug: As I sketch a large open circle, when I reach 180 degrees i.e. a semi circle, the radius jumps down to smaller size rather than following pen.

Bug: Sketch an open circle, then double tap to reveal handles. Drag one end to join the other. The circle disappears. When the drag is released, a closed circle appears.

I understand the issue here. Because open circles are defined by three points on the circumference, there is no unique solution when only two points on the circumference are specified. But I guess some sort of reasonable behavior is needed.

I’m quite amazed by what I can do with your implementation of constraints.


Do you double tap with your finger?


That’s the problem! Thanks.


The idea behind event handling is fingers=camera, pencil=everything else.