Shapr3D 2.0 - beta testers wanted!


I actually knew that once but forgot :^\


Thanks for the gazillion bugreports, we are working on them btw :slight_smile:


Yes, offset does not work, I mentioned this in the email.


Yes, that’s permanent. Previous behavior was rather clumsy.


Design question: What does it mean to make a curved (say convex) surface Ortho? If I extrude a circle, then double tap (with finger) on curved surface, then sketch a shape, the shape appears in a plane tangent to the curved surface. Is that the intended design?


Back to constraints.

Bug: Sketch two lines, double tap to reveal handles, join endpoints. Select one line for positive angle measurement, is accurate to three decimal places. Select other line for negative angle measurement, is accurate to SIX decimal places.

Bug? In new workspace, sketch two lines, double tap to edit constraints, select one line, tap on length and set, length now locked, but line is deselected, and length marker still appears.

Bug: Continue from above, select other line, now both lines have length markers. Can continue this indefinitely with additional lines. I assume that line should REMAIN SELECTED after length is locked? would solve this problem?

Bug: While in constraints mode, tap on workspaces, delete current workspace and add new workspace. New workspace starts in constraints mode.


No, currently sketching on non planar faces is disabled. I am not even sure if we are going to enable it again, as it is not very useful, but makes things more complicated. But the current flow is broken anyways.


Drew a circle and program crashed. Restarted it and drew the circle again. Extruded it and tried to radius the ends. It kept picking it as an additional extrusion. Finally after a dozen attempts it worked.


Adding the constraints after drawing the sketch is really cool! Still have a bit of trouble with the radius function now and then.


What’s wrong with the radius?


When I try and pick a line to make a rad, it is extruding one of the surfaces that the line is on. Seems to take several tries before it takes the line to make a rad. Maybe it’s just me…I’ll keep playing with it of course and see.


Hmm okay, we fixed tons of bugs in the evnt handling today, and we will upload a new version tomorrow, I hope it will fix it.


Beta 3 is out!

Changes and improvements:


  • sketch groups now work much better (show/hide/delete)
  • transform tools are working again!
  • offset tool works! Yay!
  • sweep is MUCH improved, former issues should 100% gone (twists, weird geometries etc.)
  • arc/line recognition has been tweaked a lot! Let us know how you like it.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed an issue that caused arcs to disappear when closing them
  • fixed an issue that prevented to remove some constraints when a point was locked previously
  • event handling (selecting/deselecting sketches) is much improved, especially when sketching on faces
  • now when you extrude a sketch filling, the holes in it won’t be extruded
  • performance of calculation of sketch fillings are much improved
  • picking in ortho mode is improved
  • fixed an issue that made sketch fillings disappear when switching to ortho camera
  • fixed an issue that crashed the app when a locked and an unlocked sketch point was fused
  • now when you try do delete/move a sketch filling, instead of showing a stupid modal dialog, the sketches will be selected that generated the filling
  • fixed an issue that caused weird sketching issues when you started sketching on a face from an edge
  • the texts on the buttons no longer block the Pencil! Yay! That was really annoying :slight_smile:


Starting testing of release 354.

I’m having trouble identifying bugs related to the behavior of connections between sections of a sketch because I’m not sure of the intended behavior. For my starting point in raising this issue, I’ll offer the following example. Let’s say I draw an arc, then a line that connects somewhere in the midsection of that arc. What should happen if I subsequently drag the end of the line away from the arc? Should the arc move to preserve the connection? The current behavior is that the arc does not move, and the end of the line is released from the arc.

But let’s say I drag one end of the arc to connect somewhere in the midsection of the line. If I subsequently drag that endpoint of the arc away from the line, what should happen? The current behavior is that the line moves to preserve that connection. Which is inconsistent with the behavior described above.

I’m going to send a screen cast that displays this behavior but I think you will have no troubled reproducing it. Overall, I’m finding that it is very difficult to predict whether the connections will be preserved or whether the sections will detach in a complex 2D drawing. Until i know what the design intention is, I’m unable to say what5’s a bug sand what is not.

I have an opinion about what the correct behavior should be based on how I want to use Shapr3D, but I could live with either approach as long as it was consistent.


I will be glad to assist Count me in.


I’ve been putting bugs as feedback in TestFlight but thought I’d put a feature request here. For 3D printing it’d be cool to be able to export and have each group be a separate file, rather than hide/show and export for each piece.


Thanks, yes, “point on arc” constraint is not implemented yet, I will do it today. :slight_smile:


Yes, improving the export flow is on the roadmap, and will be done after the 2.0 release. Actually many exciting things are in the pipeline, but now we are focusing on this release :slight_smile:


Check your mail, I sent you the instructions.


Thanks, it’s helpful to know that’s the intended design. I have some feedback related to that however.

I’m working with a host of complex curves involving many control points. When I attempt to adjust a new line or curve to attached to the existing curve, the original curve usually moves.

I can lock the original curve, but that is very tedious at this time. Each control point needs to be individually selected and locked. A feature that would be very helpful would be some way to select multiple curves - or even just one - and lock or unlock all their control points in a single action.

The interface could simply be an additional item in the constraints panel (e.g. beneath “Concentric”).