Shapr3D 2.0 - beta testers wanted!


I’m currently having no luck doing any type of freeform surface. Immediately after selecting the face and starting the contours, it crashes. When I resume, it’s gone back in the history x number of steps, and things I’ve been working on (extruded objects from sketches) will now show only the sketches or even they might disappear (very random).




Yes it does not work. Will be fixed soon :frowning:


Bug: Sketch line, enter Transform, select FreeForm, select axis for translation (i.e. drag a bit). The Transform Center says “NO AXIS SELECTED” so I am not able to enter translation value. Similar issue for FreeForm rotation angle.


Bug? Sketch a line, enter transform, tap Translate, select line, select start point, unable to select destination point in Transform text area. This is not a serious problem because I can easily adjust the view, but I thought you might want to fix this because you already did something similar for detecting taps in the left side panels.


Oh I see - duh! - button only appears when the point is joined AND selected. Great idea IMHO!


Playing with sketches in this case two overlapping circles. I can extrude any part of the circles that doesn’t overlap the others. It appears to extrude but it doesn’t. See image…




Bug? Sketch a line, double tap, drag one end and press down on pen. Audible pop and blue highlight occur as if setting control point for bezier curve, though no control point created.


Bug: Create new workgroup, sketch four shapes, create new group, add two shapes to new group. Open group menu: the original sketch group still claims four shapes, while new group claims two; hide original sketch group: hides all four shapes.


Bug: Create new workgroup, sketch a shape, add new group, make active and hide original sketch group, sketch another shape: original sketch group is made visible and new shape is in original sketch group.


I’m curious about a design issue. What happens (once groups works again) if we sketch two shapes in separate groups, then constrain the two shapes to each other, or connect them, then hide one group, but alter the shape that remains visible? Will it be constrained to the hidden shape and/or will the hidden shape change? Or will two shapes bound to each other need to be in the same group?


Oops - when I wrote “workgroup” in the above three posts i meant “workspace”.


Bug: In new workspace, sketch circle, tap transform, tap FreeForm, select circle (either perimeter or area), move shape out of axis plane, tap OK, select trash, tap circle perimeter, perimeter is deleted but area remains.

Note: If you tap to delete area instead of perimeter, the entire shape is deleted. If you tap to delete area after deleting perimeter, area highlights but does not delete.


I’m guessing that is the correct answer, based on the current behavior. Interesting. This is fine, I’m just still learning how to work with the new version.


Design question I’m encountering somewhat confusing behavior in the display of angles between splines. I sketch three connected splines, then double tap one of them. The result is the first screen shot below. None of the curves are selected but both angle measurements are shown. Then I select one of the curves, and the angle measurement between the two unselected curves disappears. See second shot. When I select all three curves, only the angle between the last two is shown. Is this the intended behavior?


In the above description, notice also how the angles are negative in the first shot and positive in the second and third.


Yes, that’s a known issue, in a few days we will add an option to extrusion (fuse/cut/new object/intersect)


Sketch group behavior will change significantly. Sketch groups are actually sketch planes, so sketches in a plane will belong to a single group. You won’t be able to add/remove objects from/to a sketch group.


Probably the name is confusing.


Got it, thanks.


Does that also mean I won’t be able to create two separate “groups” in the same plane, for the sake of hiding/showing? Will there be any sort of layering feature?