Shapr3D 2.0 - beta testers wanted!


No. In the first release of the 2.0 no. If later there will be demand for it, we will sort it out. It raises many questions though, like what should happen if I have 2 lines on the same plane in different groups, and I add a parallel constraint on them. Then I hide one group, and change the unhidden line. Then the hidden line will change as well. Weird.


Yes that’s what i was getting at in some of my comments. Right now, I’ve observed, certain actions will force an hidden group into view. Not sure if that is a bug or a feature at this time, but probably would be a necessary feature if layers were allowed within a group/plane.

I could probably live without layers. For one thing, I could translate part of a sketch plain to get it out of the way temporarily. I’ve already done that on several occasions.

Now what if two shapes are constrained to each other then one of them is translated into another plain? I suppose that would just delete any constraints?


I just tried that and yes that’s what happens. Makes sense.


Bug: Sketch two lines, constrain parallel, translate one line, undo; redo: line disappears.


Modelling an iphone and getting a couple of odd effects. I have hidden all of the sketch groups but I still can see a blue outline of one of the sketches - see picture. Also - when I try to move the two volume control buttons on the side of the iphone, one of them disappears - seems a bit odd. I will email you the shapr file to have a look - can’t do this via dropbox at the moment, as having problems accessing dropbox from shapr = think there has been un upgrade to dropbox and not working as it used to. Hope this is helpful. Andy


Yes, have you installed the latest beta? We have fixed the sketch groups hide/show issue I believe.


Is the transform - freeform button not working with groups at the moment - can’t seem to get it to work?


I am now on the latest version of beta and thought that it had fixed the problem with ghost sketches still appearing, but not sure - see pic below. The blue outline of the iphone seems to be part of the iphone group and it disappears when I make this group invisible.


Sorry forgot picture


Think this may be old version again. Just re opened Shapr from TestFlight and blue ghost sketch has disappeared. Sorry!


Is the most recent version 354, distributed Nov 28th? That’s what I’ve been testing.


Ah yes. Now using latest beta. Much better!


Yes, 354. And hopefully today a new version is coming :wink:


Just noticed a bit of odd behaviour with this model I am making. The buildings kept disappearing and I found when I uploaded an stl file there were no buildings at all in the file saved. The buildings seemed to disappear at random when I loaded the workspace. I noticed that the buildings had been created as part of one of the sketch groups instead of within a shape group. I then created a new group and added all of the solid objects to this and this fixed the problem. I have now uploaded an stl file and it has the full model there.


Oh :expressionless: actually this is what we are working on right now, fixing the groups UI and groups logic.


That’s great - thought you guys would be on the case! By the way - I’ve just ordered a 3d printer! Yep - going to take my models from the virtual world into the real world - might need to start with something simple first! Best wishes. Andy


Woohoo! Which one did you choose?


CEL Robox. Hope its going to be a good one!


Please, count me in!




Bug report. Just noticed that when using the transform tool, I can rotate an object about a point, but am not able to type in a rotation value as in previous versions. Also, can’t get the select groups button to work with the transform tool at the moment. Hope this is helpful. Andy