Shapr3D 2.0 - beta testers wanted!


Very helpful, thanks!


Count me in!!!


Beta 5:

  • new onboarding!
  • new constraints: distance between point and line, distance between points, point on arc
  • you can now use edges of shapes in constraints. Eg. sketch a circle on a face of a cube, and set the distance of the center of the circle from the edges of the cube with constraints. This is really useful when you want to precisely position your sketches on faces.
  • new event handling: you don’t have to double tap to select a sketch, just tap on it once with the pencil
  • fixed transform issues
  • many other bugfixes


Sounds good Istvan, but can’t get the update to download at the moment - have tried several times - not sure if this is a problem with Testflight - will try again later this morning. Best wishes. Andy


OK got it now :slight_smile:


Everyone: how bad would it be if you would not be able to open the files with the final version that you created with the beta? It would require significant effort from us, because we had to make some significant changes in the file format, and implementing the conversion would take a lot of time. But of course if you export your models to STP you can still import your models (but you will loose the constraints/sketch information).


I’m okay with throwing out my existing files, or exporting/reimporting them.

Bug: Sketch two overlapping circles, tap delete, tap one circle area not in intersection: both circles are deleted.


This is by design. In the 1.0, you could not delete sketch fillings. Now when you try to delete a sketch filling, the sketches that generated that fillings will be deleted. If you have any suggestion to do this better, it is more than welcome.


The files I’ve been playing with are not things I expected to save, so deleting them is OK with me.


No problem. I save anything I want to keep as an STL file.


You may want to export it to STP as well, as you can import it back to Shapr anytime.


Ah yes. Hadn’t thought of that. Many thanks


:grinning: Do I see a tool that says ‘images’ - coming soon! Sounds good to me!


No problem if I lost the files used to test in the beta.


Got it, that’s fine. But then the entire area to be deleted should be highlighted:

Bug: Sketch two overlapping circles, tap delete, tap one circle area not in intersection: only that area is highlighted though both circles are deleted.


And maybe the effected lines should be highlighted also? I think the issue is that the user shouldn’t be surprised. It is nice to have a short cut to deleting a lot of stuff so I like the new behavior in principle.

But the behavior gets complex where, for example, there are a lot of intersecting lines. Only the lines bounding the selected area are deleted. But by highlighting those lines the user gets a preview of what’s going to happen before s/he commits.

Of course, there is always undo…


Question, Istvan: How soon do you think you will be able to guarantee that file formats will be preserved, or that some form of exporting/importing will preserve constraints? I’d like to start a more complex project as part of my debugging effort but would want to be able to preserve my work.

Also, I’ve noticed that in complex diagrams with many connected lines and curves with locked control points and/or other constraints, the program bogs down when adjustments are attempted. It’s almost as if the app becomes hung, but then if you wait long enough it becomes responsive again. Is this something you think you’ll be able to address? Or is it an unavoidable consequence of constraints?

I can send you a sample file, but the conditions are easy to replicate.


From now, the compatibility is guaranteed. We have just submitted the app for review to the app store. (V365)

In some cases constraints can be slow, indeed, but we have aome optimizationsnin the pipeline that will make our constraint solver even more performant (although it is very fast already, even compared to desktop CAD’s constraint solver)

If you can show me a screenshot of the sketches that you had perfomrance issues with, that would be helpful.


Heyo Istvan !

(Totally don’t mean to derail from bugsplatting, it seems like everyone here is doing a rad job and loads of good stuff being made!!)

I sent a message to Shapr3D’s Facebook page! Addressed from a junior-year Mechanical Engineering college student seeking Industrial Design for grad school, who is amazed by this app (and whose nickname is Shaggy). I was wondering if by any chance you may have seen this message, and if we could talk? :slight_smile:

No worries either way, I totally understand you guys must be wicked busy-- and by the sounds of these posts, it definitely seems like bugs are doing what they do best and causing some trouble here and there haha. But you guys are doing great, and I’d love to speak further if at all possible !



Will do…