Shapr3D for iOS questions

I’m considering using Shapr3D for iPad. But I need two questions answered prior to making that decision:

  1. Is the iPad version a raster or vector based drawing program?

  2. Is there an engineering library for the iPad version? I need common industrial equipment like pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, distillation columns, etc.

The vector ability is important because I’m doing illustrations for a book, and some will need to scale. The engineering library is important because I don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel for this (large) project. If Shapr3D is NOT the program I’m seeking, can someone recommend an alternative that would be?

Thanks - Boomzilla

As far as the library goes, you can download all kinds of items from McMasterCarr, exporting from their website as Step files. Here’s an example of a motor from McMasterCarr.


In the world of 3D modeling, there is no raster option. When you define a three-dimensional body. The three most common modeling types are CAD, mesh, and SUBD, from which Shapr3D is a CAD modeling tool that can handle mesh files as a reference - just as most other CAD software. If I would have to, I’d say mesh models in 3D are like raster images in 2D, but it is not that simple.
Could you please share some more info about your project? It may help to decide.

Hi Peter -

First, thank you kindly for your reply. You asked about my project to further advise me about Shapr3D capabilities.

I’ve written a book on industrial chemical process safety. My publisher wants illustrations along with the manuscript. I’d hired an illustrator, but they lacked the technical knowledge of process equipment to handle the work. I then hired a chemical engineer to produce the illustrations, but they lacked the artistic capabilities to complete the illustrations. I then tried to Google images for use in the book, but my publisher pointed out that permissions would be virtually impossible to secure within the time frame we’re working with. The publisher then suggested that I do the illustrations myself, hence my interest in your software.

The publisher specifies that all graphics must be in tif or eps format and be vector, not raster. The equipment that I’ll need to depict will include pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, distillation columns, vessels, tanks, piping, fans, blowers, positive displacement pumps, relief valves, rupture discs, etc. The vast majority of my illustrations will be 2D diagrams rather than 3D depictions. Because so much of Shapr3D’s capabilities are focused on doing 3D designs, I’m wondering if this is the best program for my job…

Additionally, I’m wanting a rather complete library of royalty-free industrial equipment so I don’t have to start from scratch when depicting common equipment.

I’d welcome your thoughts.

Cordially - Glenn Young, Certified Safety Professional

Hi Glenn, thanks for the description. I am afraid you would end up in the same situation with models that you download from the internet, import to Shapr3D, then create a drawing about. It will be the same copyright loop :confused:
Is it necessary to have a fully detailed model of the equipment? It may be enough to create just a schematic shape, even a 2D sketch for illustration purposes. Any sketch can later be exported as DXF, DWG, or SVG from Shapr3D, TIF or EPS is not supported.

Thanks, Peter - Since Shapr3D can’t save in TIF or EPS vector files, it isn’t the tool for me. Thanks for your time.

Glenn Young