Shapr3D is not compatible with Archicad or autoCAD


I’am Zoli From Hungary, I bought an i-pad, to try Your software shapr3D. It working, but the last steps makes mistakes. The final output is not compatible just one way. Archicad output makes mistake, and it (shapr3d) coud not open the file. The marketing was great, but it not works that way, what the marketing promised. Will it be possible in the near future to the program will be more compatible, with the other program?


What is the problem exactly? STP and IGS both works with AutoCAD. Feel free to reach out in email,


Hi Zoli,

Archicad only supports 3 CAD formats per their online documentation. The file formats are .DXF, .DWG and .DGN. This is a limitation of Archicad. Shapr3D clearly states that it exports files in STP and IGS that is support by MOST major CAD vendors.

As to the support for AutoCAD, I have used Shapr3D exported STP files with AutoCAD Mechanical. AutoCAD 2017 doesn’t appear to support STP or IGS files. Many other AutoDesk products do such as Fusion 360 and Inventor in which I have used both and currently use Fusion 360.

Which version of AutoCAD are you using?