Shapr3D standard Version

What is the latest standard Shapr3D IPad version because the TestFlight shows 3470 (5794) but the App Store is not showing any new updates.

Thank you

5.460, you can always check it on the store page or on the updates page

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The App Store is always about a week behind TestFlight or direct downloads. Apple vets every app update posted to the App Store.

It’s not really Apple related.

For Testflight, we always send out builds to our Gamma and Beta groups, even before we submit it to Appstore to review. Then we chose to release new versions in phases, starting from 1% of the auto-updaters, it takes a week to reach 100%. We do this, so if we see any problem in the app, we can stop the process, and issue a hotfix without every user getting it.

We do the same for Microsoft store too.

Direct downloads currently can’t be phased, so as soon as they are out, you can get them.

If you still want to get the new version in the App Store as soon as it’s available, you can always go to the app’s Store page, and update it manually.

Great update strategy!

Laci I am a little confused I just go a notice on my ipad about TestFlight app having a new update. Am I supposed to update the standard Shapr3D from Testflight because it is showing it as version 5.470.0 (5808) for the Shapr3D Cad modeling and Shapr3D beta as version 5.460.0 (5748) could you please clarify this for me.

Thank you


It depends on what beta groups did you join, and what app you want to use.

The Shapr3D Beta app is the History Based Parametric Modeling beta, unless you are in some kind of smaller groups, e.g. for user research.
The Shapr3D Testflight app is our release beta group, who gets the new version around 3-7 days earlier than the public release in the app store.
The app store version is the stable version available to the public.

Laci I was to the understanding the both the The Shapr3D Testflight app is our release beta and the Shapr3D Beta app is the History Based Parametric Modeling beta were both using the Shapr3D TestFlight app. I have quit using the TestFlight app for the standard Shapr3d versions because of the issue with conflicting versions between Shapr3D for iPad and Windows. Do you think it is ok to remove the TestFlight app from my iPad an just rely on the latest release of the standard Shapr3D to avoid update issues. And if I remove TestFlight app that will not affect the Shapr3D Beta app is the History Based Parametric Modeling beta will it.

Thank you

You don’t need to do anything with the Testflight App. Simply don’t install the updates you don’t want to from it. I suggest keeping updating the HBPM beta since quite a lot of improvements are being done there, and using the Appstore version of the live app.

Thank you for you help, I think the Shapr3D team is doing a great job.

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