Shapr3D standard Version

What is the latest standard Shapr3D IPad version because the TestFlight shows 3470 (5794) but the App Store is not showing any new updates.

Thank you

5.460, you can always check it on the store page or on the updates page

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The App Store is always about a week behind TestFlight or direct downloads. Apple vets every app update posted to the App Store.

It’s not really Apple related.

For Testflight, we always send out builds to our Gamma and Beta groups, even before we submit it to Appstore to review. Then we chose to release new versions in phases, starting from 1% of the auto-updaters, it takes a week to reach 100%. We do this, so if we see any problem in the app, we can stop the process, and issue a hotfix without every user getting it.

We do the same for Microsoft store too.

Direct downloads currently can’t be phased, so as soon as they are out, you can get them.

If you still want to get the new version in the App Store as soon as it’s available, you can always go to the app’s Store page, and update it manually.

Great update strategy!