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Yes, I tried that (intersecting 2 models) after seeing your watch and you saying how you did it. And it worked first time! Cool tool.


That’s great. I have just uploaded a tutorial to the website showing how to make the watch - would be good to get your feedback as to whether the explanation I have given is clear enough. Andy


Wow, that’s really cool! Can you give a closer shot of the rims?


Adding more parts to it. Working on a rear axle. I don’t know how to centre a new solid on an existing one to union with it. I’m just doing it by eye now, which is why you can see the hole in the rim is not on centre. If I have an existing cylinder and want to move another one to the same centreline, how do I do that?

This is really addicting. The more I use it the more I learn how to do things.


Awesome! Did you make the screws in the app, or you imported it?


I made them in the app. Lots of fun!

Bolton, Ontario, Canada


Have added some hands and Roman numerals to the pocket watch model.


Hi everyone!

It was the contour of eyewear frame alone, which I imported into the Shapr3D. Even with zero cad experience was very simple to create the 3D model. Make the shapes (frames, lens, temples), bending, rounding edges, assembly, cutting from each other were very simple. The freeform was ideal for the lens bending. I need Rhino only for mirror the hinges, temples, silicone parts… That will be unnecessary within few updates. The first model (first meeting with Shapr3D) was take 4-6 hours, now it’s maximum 1 hour. Contour in Rhino 3D, modelling in Shapr3D, texture in Keyshot.


Thanks for sharing your work and how you did it. This is very helpful.


Just a note: these are real glasses, Arnold has a very cool company:


Fantastic bit of modelling! I agree with you about how easy it is to work with shapr3d - and fun as well. I also agree that being able to duplicate and mirror an object would be really helpful. Andy


Result of testing :wink:


Wow - how did you do that?


By sketching splines on a cylinder and then pulling out the resulting faces.


You make it sound easy!


It is! :slightly_smiling: I can give you screenshots of the steps if you are interested


Impressed with how quick it is to use copy with the move and rotation tool to create structures such as the mill wheel below. I think you are going to make it possible to select the pivot point, which will be very helpful. Andy


Yes please - that would be great.


Here are the steps, let me know if something is not clear.


That’s once again pretty cool, I especially like the water :smiley: