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Many thanks Istvan - will give it a go later on. Would be a good approach for making the thread on a screw.



Just been experimenting on how to get a thread for a screw or bolt. For the one in the image below I drew two parallel splines around a cylinder (almost complete circles). I then linked the two loose ends with another spline. I was then able to extrude the spiral section. I then removed the central cylinder by pushing one of the ends right through. I then copied, moved and slightly rotated the spiral about 4 times. I inserted a new cylinder and made the screw head. One thought - it would be great if I could copy objects like this from one workspace to another. I could then build up a collection of objects like this that I could re-use. Andy


Hah! That’s crazy. We are going to add a helix tool later, it will make such stuff much easier.


I like the sound of a helix tool - that will be great!


Just wanted to post this picture to show how well models made in Shapr3d are rendering. For this I exported a STEP file to dropbox and brought that back into A360 mobile app on the ipad. I am not sure what the maximum file size is going to be for this process, but this model of a meccano steam engine is already fairly busy!


Looks great, great render!


Really nice render! Are you using KeyShot?


Got some time to squeeze in some testing this afternoon after the latest update. Models exported as .STEP and imported into KeyShot for rendering. I’m also testing out some of the amazing hi-resolution HDRI maps available from


Somehow the pictures are not loading.


Absolutely stunning!


Are they fixed now for you? It’s visible again in the shapr3D office


Yes! Now I can see them!

Awesome work!


These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Fantastic images - really like the textures you are using


No - am rendering objects on the ipad. Can’t find anything like keyshot, but some apps work quite well. May do a post showing results.


I’ve been experimenting with how to get reasonable renders of the models made in Shapr, but without having to switch on my PC. I have tried quite a few ipad apps that will load 3d files - most are pretty poor. The best one I have found so far is A360 - mobile app by Autodesk (free). The images in the attached picture are all rendered using A360. I exported the models from Shapr as STEP files and saved them to Dropbox and then brought the file back into A360 on the ipad. All you get is a greyscale render on a white background with a lighting effect that I think is a form of ambient occlusion - anyway looks fairly good. I have then done a bit of editing of the images - mainly adding contrast (using Procreate app on ipad). Anyway, it does mean that you can produce some basic renders of models made in Shapr all without having to leave the ipad. If anyone else comes across other rendering apps let me know (really want one that will provide an output with a transparent background). Andy


Ball bearing and assembly. Split inner race, inner land-riding cage (for those who want to know).


Great bit of modelling. Just wondering how you got the groove running around the outer ring - I’m guessing using the subtract tool? Andy


Yes. I had the inner and outer rings together and made a donut shape with the cross-section a tiny bit larger than the ball diameter. Then subtracted it from both races. Took me a lot of false starts to figure out how to model the bearing with some accuracy. There is still a fair bit of lining things up by eye.