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Yes - I find it a bit tricky to line things up properly, especially if you copy an object such as the ball bearing and use the rotate tool to create a ring of them. The method I have used is to duplicate one and drag it to the opposite side of the ring with one of the move arrows. Then select both and copy using one of the rotation arrows. However, it does not always line up for some reason. I think the plan is to make it possible to select the pivot point when rotating which will be helpful. Andy


Yes, that will be included in the next release.


That will be very useful. Things sometimes get a little off centre when rotating by duplicating the solid on the other side of the rotation axis.


I think I am getting the hang of drawing on surfaces - your video tutorial was very helpful. I realise now that after drawing a circle on a surface, I can drag it by the mid point to an edge, then inwards and it will show the distance from the edge - makes lining things up much easier! Many thanks. Andy


Woooow, that’s amazing! I am glad you are experimenting with sketching on faces. It requires some practice until one figures out what can be done with just the pencil, but actually you can do pretty amazing things without using any tools, just the pencil.


Sketching the geometry works pretty well. Also solid direct modeling and g1 filleting.

I did a small test for a cable holder:


That’s pretty cool! How did you like the workflow?


You have to get used to the pen click drag steps.

But then it is pretty intuitive.

Fillet chamfer drag direction is a genius idea.
Tap and drag to extrude a face also genius.

I actually do not like all this 2d sketch nightmare from SW Inventor and such.

Here you sketch make geometry and then fuse the bodies into the finale design.
I like that for fast ideation so much more.

I assume a design history would be very hard to implement?

Does this app have a unite metric/imperial option?


Cool, can’t wait to see how will it work out for you.

Design history would not be hard to implement, but from the UX perspective it would mess up the whole concept. We will rather go for direct modeling, moving faces, removing fillets/chamfers, direct topology editing is the way to go. At least this is what we think now, what do you think?

Current units are in millimeters, but we can add unit system quite easily if it is needed.


I agree with the solid modeling step.

Fillets: important to be able to kill them so you get the original hard surfaces back.

Solid Union - subtraction: what could we do here in case you want to undo a step? Let’s say in my case I want to remove or even move the opening for the cable?

I can see myself making all the different parts making a copy and then doing the solid calculations only with the solid.

No design history is in some cases making the design work also harder. Let’s say you forgot to fillet an edge of a body before You cut that body out of a volume.

So I am curious how this design process could be solved via DM.

I use Fusion 360 mainly as a solid modeler.


I like the idea of being able to remove a fillet on an edge. There are times when I want to extrude a surface but am limited by the fact that I have already filleted the edge - too long ago to use undo!


Don’t misunderstand me, I agree that design history can make modifications easier. I am just not entirely sure that for Shapr it is the way to go. But if we will see lots of requests for design history, we will do it indeed.


I fully understand that.

Fusion 360 has a timeline (parametric) and DM modeling.

Some only use the DM modeling. Essentially you can work in a similar parametric way.
Features like fillet can be edited with the modifier tool or can even be deleted.
Once the fillet is deleted you get the old original hard edge back.

I think with NURBS or SOLID which way ever you should be able to edit or undo some steps

If my cable channel was wrong, well then I would need to delete the part in the model
and position a copy of the channel part again into the wall mount body and cut it out.

Old school but this works well - specifically I think for a tablet.


Little ipadpro pen and adapter holder.


Need something like that for my desk. Nice work!


Yeah, that’s actually pretty cool, if you could share it in STL, I would 3D print one for myself :slightly_smiling:


Here is the Shapr3D file:


Shapr3D is almost here, with less bugs, more features.



Not really high quality work - but heres my first bit.

Drew the sides individually in Shapr, and then sketched the fern - took pieces into Vcarve pro, and toolpathed the STLs (after a bit of conversion difficulties with a 2d STL for the fern. It would be great if there was a way to do a 2D drawing and export as a DWG/DXF - for a lot of woodworking that is better, since you tend to machine with Z Zero as the top of the piece.