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Hello, Istvan team and fellow shaprs. I am enjoying learning to use this awesome! software my approach is to do a sketch a day. Random objects just from observation, no measurements just yet. I am a newbie and I know I have lot to learn but I am ready up for the challenge :smile: I am inspired by all the work currently posted, thank you all.


This is great work from a newbie :wink:


Thanks Tom, I appreciate the kind words. Cheers :sunglasses:


I have been experimenting with a bit more complex sketching. Even without an array tool and layers. I continue to discover the power of this app. I am also very encouraged to keep pushing by the great works posted by Awoodhead thank you.
I am posting today’s doodle of a brass lotus incense holder from Tibet. All the petals are hinged, with a stylized turtle as a base.



That’s some great work.


Thank you.
Here is the view with the petals closed.


Couldn’t resist:


Here is the Shapr file. I named it Mars ROVR. Badummtsss. (Sorry)


Poang chair study.


Just showing how I use it with my 3D printer.


Haha, yes, the apple pencil grip is definitely a useful extension :slight_smile: i think that’s the first thought of everyone when tries the pencil :slight_smile:


I hated the pencil before I made the grip. I used NinjaFlex for the filament. I put it up on Thingiverse


I’ve been building a CNC router machine recently and needed to design a holder for the spindle (basically a large cylindrical router). I only had a rough idea what it should look like, so I played around with various concepts in Shapr until I got it right. Then I headed down to the shop to make it. It was so cool to have it on the iPad screen and then make the actual parts. A very powerful, fun, and useful app!




It is always a joy to see real manufactured products, designed with Shapr.


Have had a break from Shapr for a few weeks, but back with it now. The app is developing really well - very easy to use and the ability to draw accurately on a surface now using the grid is really great. Have made a model of a stereo camera - rendered image inset using A360 app. Andy


I really missed these :slight_smile:


Missed you too Istvan! xxx


My first concerted effort with Shapr with a quick and dirty paint over in Procreate. I am loving this app.