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Nothing too complicated here but very fun to be able to create these on my iPad Pro.


A couple of additional woodworking projects…a Cribbage Board and a bed frame.


First Attempt…

(familiar with Max, Maya, Modo, 3D Coat, Substance…)

It is basically a quick concept of the speaker stand mount for my 1:43 scale Millennium Falcon.


Wow, that’s supercool!!


My first creation




Great bit of modelling!:slight_smile:


Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am actually a portrait sculptor (when I’m not playing around with Shapr!). Anyway, I’ve been thinking about making an adjustable stand for a while and have decided to model it in Shapr before making it. I am going to use a modular system of metal tubing and joints. The pictures below should show you what I am planning. Anyway, it was great fun. Will post a picture of the finished thing once it is made. Andy


Forgot to mention - one aspect that I really liked was being able to group together all of the movable parts and set the pivot point so that I could rotate the whole assembly backwards - wanted to see if this would give me the right angle to be able to work on the face. I also found that by hitting the undo/redo buttons I could toggle between the two positions shown in the second and third pictures. This is a really neat way of seeing how it will operate! By the way, when I sculpt heads out of clay they do look a bit more lifelike than the one in the picture! Andy


Andy that’s totally crazy and amazing. And I especially love the head. Making the head is a very unexpected and ingenious way of using Shapr.


Hi Shapr3D-Community! Here is my first Creation with this awesome App. Hope you like it.


Wow! Absolutely fantastic :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!


Fab-u-lous! I love it. Calls for a 3D print.


Woah! This is awesome. Like it a lot. Would be a nice home :slight_smile:


That is very cool to see the finished product.


Here a little Shapr3D modeling and then CNC milling test I did recently in the woodshop at my university Wayne State where I teach Industrial Design.

The top body is made with the revolve command and the handle is done via lofting.

I hope you enjoy it :wink:Hair Dryer.shapr (5.1 MB)


Hot summer? Need a vertical fan? Well at least here is a shell model :wink:

Enjoy! (3.2 MB)


Thirsty? Need a water bottle with a gorgeously modeled threading? Well here you have it!


water (4.4 MB)


Tired of outrageously over priced badly made and functional garlic press kitchen utilities from name brand companies? Well here you have a free CAD model so you can 3D print your own. Or buy it at friendly Scandinavian store for 3 US$!!!

Shapr3D was amazing at building this with ease! All modeling steps are included in the file.

garlic (5.6 MB)