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Good spatulas are hard to come by - so here is a nice one made in Shapr3D!

Of course with all modeling steps inlcuded!

Enjoy :wink: (1.2 MB)


Excellent stuff! Like it a lot!


Hello guys! This is my very first creation on Shapr3D, a toy locomotive based on the PlayKids app cartoon locomotive. For sure was the most ease to use 3D modeler I ever use. Elegant UI and ease workflow. I plan to print the model on Shapeways. I will let you know the results.

Thank you and keep the good work!


I love it. What material will you use?


Thank you Istvan! I’ll try the High Definition Acrylate (


First project … Still missing details

Any feature ideas?

<3 <3 <3 Cool stuff.


This morning we had breakfast with my wife at a French place. While we were waiting for the billI I asked her if she wanted to try out Shapr3D. She said, and I quote:

" Sure, but why don’t YOU design a teat (soother / pacifier) for our baby girl? (expecting her in 3 weeks)"

I said: “Say no more.” Here’s a picture of me creating the first “prototype”. I was ready even before the bill arrived.

In fact, we might have to change our motto.

Shapr3D: easiest 3D CAD for professionals. And soon-to-be DADs. :slight_smile:


I had some time to finish the model later today. Considering that this was my first ever (!) 3D model + render project, the result is not that bad, I think. Used Shapr3D and then Fusion 360.


That’s definitely one of my favorite success stories :smiley:


Hi - this is a rough and ready model of a kitchen.

Couple of observations - other than it is a really easy to use app.

Future developments that would be welcome would be:
1- would be great to render colour - I’ve tried a couple of example ‘workflows’ using the apps suggested, but they aren’t particularly great for 3d. Essentially unless I’m missing something, it ends up being, importing into a 3d viewer, creating a screenshot, and then ‘painting’ the screenshot. Which ends up sort of missing the point about 3d.
2- for building layouts, it would be helpful to be able to ‘ghost’ or make external walls translucent.
3- you could probably make a killing selling this to ikea and kitchen designers.

Some improvements in existing would be

  • line connections can be fiddly, particularly in 3d - it would be good to have some sort of ‘snap’ to grid/‘snap to point’ potentially with a magnifying glass.
  • its still not entirely intuitive why when sometimes you delete a single line, a whole 3d shape deletes
  • Its difficult to zoom to adjust camera view using pinches - it would also be good to be able to shift the entire plan after you’ve build it, so that reset camera doesn’t end up (as it does with my model) zoomed in a 1cm in a corner!
  • Shape groups - these seem sometimes to ‘borrow’! shapes from other shape groups without permission (or returning them later).
  • A couple more example help videos would be great.


Yes colours are more and more often requested, we will see what we can do about this. This is definitely an important feature.

Lots of improvements in the sketching algorithm are on their way. Few weeks to go :slight_smile:

Including this one. :slight_smile:

Yes, sometimes the so called “look-at-point” of the camera can behave silly, we will address this issue.

I suppose the problem here is that the “reset camera” functionality is stupid, and it should be smarter, and consider the contents of your workspace when resetting the camera.

Thanks for reporting it - we will do more extensive testing on this, and write more automated test for this. If you find a way to reproduce this issue, that would be really helpful.

Nice job btw. :slight_smile:


Here are a couple of projects that we are interesting in building based on designs we’ve seen on the net. I love being able to model on Shapr3D before actually pulling out the tools because I can actually see if something is gonna fit or look right before a cut is made. This has greatly simplified our process and not only serves as a way of us seeing it from a design aspect but we can show a potential customer exactly how it’s gonna look and if it’s not to their liking we can make modifications on the fly and “in the field”

Awesome application and great group of developers.

Keep up the great work!




Ohh that’s amazing, in which app you make a render


No render … Just shapr


Have just finished this model that I started a couple of months ago. All parts were made in Shapr and uploaded as high quality STL files. The model was assembled in Zbrush - bit of detail added, and then rendered in Keyshot 6. Shapr now copes very well with multiple objects - the tyre tread. I also found it useful using the upload only visible objects - this enabled me to break down the model into smaller parts before exporting. The geometry created in Shapr translates really well into Zbrush - all very crisp and no need to re-mesh before rendering in Keyshot. Shapr really is proving to be a great app - integrating well with other modelling and rendering apps - well done everyone at Shapr! Best wishes. Andy


Andy, you never cease to amaze me. :slight_smile: Totally mind blowing. When we started to work on Shapr we never expected such use cases, and you were the first one who showed us what can be done with Shapr.


Many thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I have to second Istvan’s comment. This is amazing and it shows what you can do with Shapr3D on an iPad. Congrats!


Hi there -wanted to share this project with you. I wanted to be able to create the well wall with separate bricks. This was not possible with earlier versions of Shapr but I am pleased to say that the current version worked really well - not noticeably slowed down by the large number of objects. I had to think a bit about the easiest way to make the curved bricks - decided in the end to use the revolve tool - series of screen shots to right of pic below. I filleted all of the edges because objects then render well in Keyshot - being able to multi select edges is really helpful for this.I exported the model to Zbrush and rendered it in Keyshot. The STL file for the well wall would have been too big so in the end I exported one brick and then used the array function in Zbrush to duplicate the brick to create the wall. Anyway - I had a lot of fun doing this! Best wishes. Andy