Spaceship enviroment I'm building

one thing I’d suggest is to select a face and use the ‘offset edge’ tool to make a shape you can indent in, I seem to do that allot to detail stuff up


I’m going to have an animation of this soon. Not sure if I can post videos here, ill check


@peteCdesign - curious what your very general flow is for taking this from Shapr3D model to render.

Are you exporting a particular format to any particular program? (e.g. OBJ to Maya)

I’m starting to have some completed models that I want to texture, light, and then render out - but quick messing with the OBJ export hasn’t given me great results yet.

right now I export to .STL, it seems to export much cleaner than obj, then bring it into blender. Right click on the model and select shaded display, then go to modifiers, ad a decimate modifier, at about .3 or .2, then down to normals, tick auto-smooth (I think it’s called that) then set the normals curvature at about 6 degrees, then export to .FBX. that’s what I do to process the files out of shapr and into max. If you dont do the decimate the raw shapr files have allot of irrelevant detail and are very big meshes, if you don’t care about that, just export as fbx from blender, then you can bring it into maya nice and clean.

Note that when you decimate, you might get a little artifacting here and there, I don’t mind but if you are zero tolerance on artifacting and don’t mind a big file, don’t decimate.

actually now it occurs to me, if you’re a maya guy maybe just bring the .STL direct into maya and process it there, if it allows you to do that? I mess around in blender because max does not seem to do .STL well. I guess the take away from all this is export to .STL not .OBJ

Absolutely stunned by these images, both the modelled and the rendered @peteCdesign - the detail and cleanliness of the forms is a pleasure to look at!

I wish you great success in what must surely be your career?!

thanks! I’m reinventing myself as a modeller

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Dude!..This is DOPE!!!
Awesome work.
If you ever need storyboards for yourself or a client.
Look me up.



For Procreate, you are now able to import 3d Models into the app and do some paint jobs on top of the mesh. It’s far from being Substance but seeing how Procreate keeps innovating their app version after version…this can really be interesting and open new opportunities for sure.

Yeah dude, if you start making Youtube Videos on how to model this kind of stuff…I’m in! lol.
Awesome stuff.

I’m a Freelance Storyboard Artist / Illustrator and I’m also looking for how to model my basic hard surface structures for doing sets and, be able to use them as “Plates” so that I can import those into Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. I’ve recently started to do this workflow with SketchUp just last week and it’s amazing. You go in there, place your camera and basically do your Layout work and go fishing for your shots that you’ll need. Then you screen grab those shots and import those into Storyboard Pro.
Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 20 is also able to import a series of 3D files so it would be nice to see a Shapr3D in the list of imports at some point.

You are a natural.
Even if you master CAD drawing perfectly, it takes a lot more to draw such things! :+1:

I need to put you in contact with a buddy of mine.
He’s a modeller / Concept Artist.
I’m sure you two would come up with some crazzzzy concepts.
Check Bruno Werneck.
He’s on Facebook ( Bruno Werneck )
Instagram (art_by_bruno).

Super nice guy.

You can tell him Jean Claude De La Ronde the Freelance Storyboard Artist from Montreal, QC, Canada sent you.

Cheers and keep up the amazing work Pete!
I’ll look you up on Youtube to see if you uploaded some videos/Tutorials.

OBJ is a bit long in the tooth. With STL you should convert to quads in Blender? STL doesn’t play well unless you do? Am I wrong?

Hard core Sci Fi guy here admires your work. To see it it is one thing. But the inquisitive mind wants to know the function of every nook and cranny. SciFi invents the future, prophecy, a religion in it’s own right.

The Fifth Element: Aut-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-o-wa-wa-wa-washhhhh-sh-sh-sh!

Luc Beson! Right? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

by quads do you mean clean, sub-dividable quads? There’s no easy way to do that, to do it properly it has to be done by hand, basically re-building the entire mesh off the triangulated one output from shapr. Parametric systems don’t output clean quads. I would really love to have a more smart system when it outputs to polygons, where the program intelligently increments the curvatures, so you don’t have 21 increments on a tiny bolt the same as you do on a much larger curved surface. Right now I decimate the model in blendr because it does a much better job of it than max

I drew a Kult ZMR250 for a simulator more than 10 years ago.
According to the flight simulator manufacturer, I had to reduce the file size by several factors so that the whole thing worked efficiently.
In ViaCad (where I completely drew the quad) it has intelligent export settings to optimize the mesh.
Your example with small and large bolts, this is automatically intelligently optimized.


that’s interesting, so it can be done. That would be great if shapr had that capacity, it exports very very heavy meshes and a huge amount of the detail is not needed for film/animation, though I assume it’s all needed for real world applications like digital printing or prototyping.

Its very much a wish list item for me

if anyone wants to see the animation WIP, it’s on my art station page at much better res.

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Looks good, but the shifting DOF is a bet much.

Hi pete, do you use substance painter to texture your 3D model ?