STl exporting errors (Low setting)

So I am running into this problem again. Though maybe I just don’t understand how restrictive the lower settings can be. When I exported a simple bracket with a curve The curve has some bad polygons. At first I thought it was the restriction on the low export settings (maybe it still is). I wanted to test to see if it was just a bug or what. I made several variants of cylinders and if they are attached to a body. I could not duplicate the bad polygons on the cylinder surface. Although It always shows up on the same points of the part I export. Even if I make the part more complex by adding more cylinders to the body. I really dont think I am exceeding the number of polygons needed for exporting a “low STL.” If anything the curved surface should be showing less faces rather than missing polygons.

Exported as one body.

Hello, I’m glad to help investigate to see if this is related to low-resolutions STL export settings. Please send me the design file via I will re-export the file as a High resolution STL file let’s see if the same still happens.

Thank you for the reply. I looked on how to send the design file but it looks like I can only export and send an STL. Every other format is pro only.

I tried again today and same results. Is there a way to send you the design file? Or should I wait for another update and try again?

Hello, please send us an email with your account username(email address) and then we will take it from there.