Struggling to figure out alignments related to sketched elements only

This is absolutely a beginner question but I’ve searched and can’t find a directly stated answer here (and it could be because I don’t quite know what I need to search for)

How on earth do I easily align multiple sketched parts to another sketches anchor point? I can’t find any information on alignment tools in regards to sketches, only 3D bodies – am I missing something here? I just want to right align/left align/ center align/ etc for things. I’m having to find creative alignment work arounds and since I’m relatively new, it’s not really easy to figure out yet how to set up all of my constraints to get things to behave how I want, and even then I still struggle to get things to snap align where I need to.

Any tips or videos you can point me towards would be awesome – thanks in advance!

I actually just figured it out, lolol.

For anyone struggling:

First off, if you have a group of sketches you that, let’s say you want to flip and mirror, around a certain distance. Build a “midline” that’s the distance you want, apply your constraints (horizontal/vert is a likely used one) if you need to.

Now, select the elements you want to mirror. Then tap the line you want them to mirror around, tap again if it’s not purple. Once its purple with the crosshair icon it means that’s the point it’s mirroring around, now hit ok. It will also acknowledge any angles at play in the line, so whatever orientation you need that line to be, make sure it’s intentionally set.