Subscription auto renewed? But no access

Hi, i use your product from time to time, one month at a time . It has taken money ,£53.99 for the last 4 months .but i haven’t had access for the last 2. I’ve had to delete loads of designs just to work on something new, but I’ve been paying all the time… i just thought the month had ended, and my access had stopped.
Now, before you try to correct me, or say that the subscription auto renews unless cancelled, i know this already. What I’m saying is this… i am currently subscribed to your business plan at the most expensive monthly rate, and i do not have access to unlimited features, i only have 2 designs available, no Image import. I deliberately did not cancel this evening ( i only noticed going through my paypal) so you can verify this for yourselves.
You guys owe me two months @ £53.99.
I am deliberately keeping this public in case someone
has had a similar issue. Please do not delete, or ask me to move the conversation to private. I need you to check my status soon as possible so i can then cancel my subscription. Thank you. Tom Collins

This screenshot taken just now…


Could you please check the Settings page to see if you are logged in?

I’ll look at the settings, but i don’t see what that will change…

So… it’s all there, if you read the screenshots you can see the current subscription is the free one, and you can also see the date on the top left hand corner

…of the first two screenshots after you answered

Thanks for being prompt,i appreciate that

Sorry If I wasn’t clear, I ment the in app Settings page. You might not be logged in: