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My subscription renews in a few days. When I started last year it was £150 and now it is £179. I thought the subscription was meant to stay the same price. Why has it increased or is it due to recent exchange rate fluctuations with the £:$?


Hi there! The price of the subscription will be 179 GBP + VAT. Regarding our database, the purchase was made via our previous Summer Sale which can be applied only one time.

When I took out the subscription, and recently when I checked, your Price and Plans webpage (Prices and Plans | Shapr3D) states:

" If subscription rates change will I be charged more?
No, you will never be charged more if subscription rates increase in the future. Your monthly and annual fee will remain the same amount as when you purchased them for as long as you maintain your current subscription."

Clearly that is not what is happening. I was charged £150 per annum a year ago and now I am being charged £215.

I would like this corrected or could you please put me in touch with one of the Shapr3D managers to discuss this further.

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Hi Murdo, you probably purchased during a Summer Sale. Summer Sale discounts (as stated on the pricing page during the sale) are first year discounts.

Could you show me where that is stated on the website please?

It is stated on the pricing page during the Summer Sale period. We happen to run a Summer Sale campaign right now.

Good day. I am having the same issue. I feel like we are being highly mislead here. I too purchased during the sale last year. I do not recall it stating it is a one time discount. Infact the email I recieved after making the purchase said “Your subscription will renew at US$192.40 unless you cancle, by the the 12th July 2022”

As I expected in my email to Paddle, I have no problem paying what is due to Shapr3d as a development, I love the product and would like to continue using it. But being mislead is not on, if I had the means I would go at this issue full on just on principal.

I came here to see if anyone else has been mislead and I see I’m not the only one. Come on guys, it’s an amazing product just keep your word. Keep things clean.

BTW, my subscription is under a different email as my discourse one.

I’m sorry to hear that you missed it. It was stated last year similarly on the pricing page. Obviously, we don’t want to mislead anyone, but the sale discounts that we provide are only valid for the first year. We never offered lifetime discounts. If you find the renewal price too high, we can offer a refund.

I apologize if it really was there, I normally look for that kind of fine print. But please explain why in my email it stated I will be charged the same amount this year as last year?

I do not want a refund to cancle my subscription thank you.

All I am arguing is that I was charged more than what was clearly stated in an email to me.

I would be more than ok to pay the full amount next year if it was clearly stated what I will be paying.

Regarding billing related questions it’s the best to contact our team. Can you please contact them? They’ll help you sort this out quickly.

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