SVG Export all buggy (shaper origin)

Hey Shapr team

been juggling for a while now with a simple design I need to use with Shaper Origin.
Everytime I export an SVG form that form the SVG just does what he wants, sometimes the squares are closed, sometimes they are just lines by themselves, I cannot pick outer and inner rectangles. Bref it’s a mess.

Hope to find some help because I’m on the verge to ditch Shapr3D and I don’t want that

Stool Copier.shapr (220.2 KB)

Quick question. When you export, are you exporting the top view, or other views?

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I export the drawing so don’t really pay attention on which view I am.
I’ll try

I export to my various CNC machines. I have to use the top view only. The front or side views just don’t work. All I get is over lapped lines.

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Unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem.
My outer rectangle takes the left one as part of his path.

And one of the rectangle is only lines


Let me try your model this evening.

Alexis, sorry for my delayed reply.
What program are you using for the Origin Shaper?
I was able to import your file without issue into CorrlDRAW, which is what I use for my laser CNC or my router CNC for 2D profiles.

One thing to note. You have overlapping lines where your smaller rectangles overlap the larger rectangle at the top.

Hey McD,

Thanks so much for taking your time to try to solve my problem.
I’m using Shaper origin’s software, you directly upload svg into the machine.

Does it work on your side if you want to only cut the inside of the rectangles overlaping the outer rectangle?

I guess my solution would be to export multiple svg and overlay them in Shaper

Once I delete the overlapping lines, I can then select any line, or group of lines, and choose the direction of cut using CorelDRAW, using your SVG file. I found it interesting though, that the SVG files “groups” the lines as one group. I ungrounded the file, then could do anything i needed to with your file.

I use CorelDRAW most of the time for my 2D CNC work. Occasionally I use Shapr3D for convenience, i.e.: traveling. I also like some of the sketching features of Shapr3D.

For my 3D CNC, I either use Shapr3D and export to Aspire, or use Aspire directly. It depends on what I’m working on.

For my 3D printers, I solely use Shapr3D.

I export step file into fusion 360, there is plugin that exports svg to shaper origin very nicely.

Thanks for your reply John,

I do this at the moment for more define part but it’s not really efficient.

Alexis, John, so does it seem that the Origin software has an issue? I don’t see any issue using Shapr3D to create SVG files for my CNCs.