SVG file not working with Shaper Origin


I have a very basic SVG file I’m trying to cut and when I load it onto the shaper Origin, all the cut paths are different or won’t work at all. It’ll only let me cut half of the rectangle or won’t let me cut it at all because the path isn’t closed (even though they should be)

I saw this forum post with someone that had a similar problem and it looks like it’s either been forgotten or put on the back burner?

I have the DPI set to 72 and joint segments turned on.

I went back and copy and pasted the same rectangles whose paths were working with the origin and they still weren’t connected for some reason. I also redrew it and tried changing the resolution and nothing is working.

I’ve made cuts like this before so I can’t really wrap my head around why this isn’t working…

I’ve attached the SVG I’m trying to cut (it’s an air vent) along with pictures of the cut paths oand errors origin is giving me.

High Drive Vent 5

  • The dotted lines in the rectangles are the only parts it’ll allow me to cut. The other greyed out areas just don’t work.

Hello! Can you please share the Shapr3D design and the exported SVG file also? You can upload it here or send us a support ticket using the link below: