Switch in on or exposing all hidden geometry or sketches

Is there a way to switch on or expose all geometry that has been hidden. If you have a complex tree and have hidden geometry it can be difficult to find parts of the model. Thanks Steve

Hidden Items are easy to find within the Items feature.
If you have hidden random Items you will have to Show them again individually.
That involves opening affected Folders and looking for those Items hidden and then Tapping to Show them again.
If you want to hide all the items in a Folder just activate Hide at the Folder level.

That is the point of my question. If you have hidden random features in a complex model it is nearly impossible to find them again. There should be a global switch much like the global deselect all items but in this instance unhide all items. This would be the only way to find lost parts of the model quickly in a complex model.

At present that facility does not exist.
Hence my comment:

I am sure the S3D Team will look at any request you may make for this to be incorporated, a usage case to demonstrate the difficulty you are having may be useful.

Hi Gelphyn I work with models brought in from Altium and Solidworks. These will have many components on multiple layers. It would seem a fairly necessary thing to be able to do ie expose all existing geometry without having to search hundreds of folders. What also happens is when I have created more than one version of the model I am not certain a piece of geometry exists in the version I am working with. It then is practically impossible to know if it does or doesn’t exist without being able to unhide all the hidden geometry because otherwise you may be searching through hundreds of levels trying to find geometry that doesn’t actually even exist in the version of the model you are busy with. This can be immensely frustrating and would seem to be an easy thing to take care of with a global unhide option. Thanks Steve

As I have said, you will need to make a request to the S3D Team.
As a Member I can only attempt to help.

Thanks. Sorry I thought you were perhaps part of the dev effort.

No probs

That’s a good point, I’ve sent your post to our product team. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks. Great product. It would also be useful if the unhide option was able to rehide the items that you unhide. So it would be handy if it remembered what was hidden at the time you exposed items and if you then select a single item to unhide permanently amongst the items that were previously hidden You could rehide the items that were hidden. A little more complicated in terms of logic I guess probably requiring a tri state for the objects. But even a simple just unhide would be very useful.

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Hi Istvan

A thought I had this morning was that if the thumbnail view in your designs page before opening a design actually was a view of the design with all geometry exposed as opposed to what it defaults to at present ie hidden geometry that may also be useful. When you opened the design it should be only showing unhidden geometry as it does now. So really just the thumbnail view should always be the complete model view if possible. The reason for this is that whenever I want to generate an STL I have to hide all the geometry I do not want to print and then the thumbnails start to be a little difficult to identify what model you are working with. There may be a better way that you could also specify what geometry you want to select for an stl print without hiding all the other geometry as it is common to use other geometry to design a part you wish to print and then having to disable all of this and re-enable it each time you want to print it is a bit tedious.
Cheers Steve
Great product I am a huge fan.

Actually the same argument could apply for saving any portion of the geometry to a file as previously mentioned with stl saves. It would be handy to be able to select what you want to save rather than having to hide everything you do not want to save. I often need to save a step file of a part I have designed and then have to go through the whole hide and unhide process to achieve the correct save.

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Yeah, good point, thanks. Actually it has historical reasons why it works like that, but it should work like you described.