Textile Sock creation

Hello dear shapr3d community and team.

I am trying to design a sock but there are no tutorial on how to create this kind of drawing except the approach of picture below but to be totally honest it is so complicated that I have spent two days having really hard time to make my sock model.

It is really difficult to create the foot and no tutorial to find the best method so I am lost.

If you can share the process of drawing a foot but more detailed that on your YT video in which we can discover a really talentuous people drawing a shoe. Thks !

Quick and dirty. I made a bunch of offset construction planes. I rotated some of them and recklessly positioned them and them made ridiculous loops that i lofted.

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If I decide to design socks, The won’t sell :weary:

Someone may have a more refined way. “Trying” to help others make us better. I know I learned something.

Hi @junior Welcome to the Forum

Needs a lot of playing with but you definitely need one Plane at 45º to form the basis of a Heel.
Adding Planes to reduce the smooth sweep may help.
Be aware that too many Planes are not helpful especially during attempts to achieve the desired shape.
Add in afterwards to improve detail, check your Loft result and note changes needed. Then hit Cancel and make changes:

Finish off [not that this is finished off properly :disappointed:] using Tools > Shell:

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

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Thks dear for your fast reply, you rock ! But your socks are not exactly what i am looking for i am looking for something more polished and more sexy :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Enclosed my first element but what is extremely hard to do is the foot area at that time i can’t figure out how to build it…

I use Shell for sure but what i find really difficult is to draw the structure before shelling… !

Many thanks to community

My input is about getting you started only.
Simply replicate the POSITIONS of the Construction Planes and their Sketches, REPLACING the Positions - Sketches with your own Locations and Profiles.
Add a Main ‘Turning Plane’ at 45º to the Leg portion and then add the Vertical Planes in a horizontal row for the Foot portion. You should then have something that looks like the first ScreenShot in my Post above.

With that in place you can embellish to your hearts content.
Tip: Take a good look at a brand new Pair of Socks, close woven material may inflate if the air is input slowly. A Plastic Bag may be useful with open weave materials.
The objective is to observe how the Sock should appear in a Design, and it is unlikely that there will be any ‘flared’ features involved.

Thanks a lot Gelphyn for your advices if someone has time to make a real life shapr3d tuto about how to draw organic material with shell i will be really happy :wink:

Shapr3D is not really much of an “Organic” modeling tool. It is more of a Parametric/ Direct modeling CAD vs. Nurb/ Polygon/ Spline Modeling.

You can create Organic looking models, but you will need to think outside the box.

In the spirit of helping you we have shown you how it can be done. All the clues are there. There is a tut on working with construction planes which is likely your best recourse for modeling sock in S3D:

Read the following about CAD Design vs Modeling. IMO Shapr3D is more Direct modeling CAD. Other programs do Organic modeling better.

Thanks that’s exactly what i am understanding. Shapr3d is really CAO oriented ! For CAO it’s really great to use, for organic it is complicated but not the purpose of the soft. Many Thanks !

VR design is here! I’m using Gravity Sketch VR on an Oculus Quest. The New Quest is coming out soon with better specs. Organic modeling in VR still not mainstream and still in it’s infancy but a amazing way to model!!! CAD may take a while longer to get there in the VR for the average person. The Shapr3D folks might consider setting it’s sights to it in the future :thinking:.
Shapr3D is a very cool intuitive way to design in CAD.

You CAN create your sock with it.

You might look for a lower leg model to import to use for a mannequin model. Make is transparent and draw over it.