Texture sheet

Hello !
I’m trying so hard to make a texture sheet with this pattern. But I don’t have the technique.
Anyone who can help me ?

Hello I’m curious to see the solution :relaxed: Yes it’s a picture

Do yo mean texture like this ?

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Yes exactly how did you do that ?

First I drew a sketch on the photo and copied it. Second step I extrude cut the block by selecting the sketch.


Another way would be to run the image through a vectorizer application that can output Shapr3D-compatible DXF files and then import the DXF file instead.

Have you got a good application for that ?

Thank you I’ll try and I’ll try to vectorize too.

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The reason it’s taking 10 minutes, is most likely because convertio makes an ungodly amount of unnecessary nodes. Shapr does not handle large complex files very well. I can crash it with solidworks, or inventor files easily. If you fit the vectors to curves first, before importing to shapr, it’ll load fine. . I do it in Vectric aspire, but you can use corel, or even inkscape, which for free, isn’t too bad. For example… a 5" circle can exist with 4 nodes. A circle vectorized in convertio, may have 2500 nodes. here’s an example of the raw .dxf from convertio, then a cleaned up .dxf from vectric aspire…

Convertio is good for quick and dirty conversion, but it’s really sloppy in the way it handles arcs, and corners, because it’s “guesstimating” the perimeter of the shape, not actuallyduplicating the actual vector.

:+1: good stuff! Explanation of the delay below.