UV wrapping iPad/Mac

As I understand the iPad app currently does not support UV wrapping. Is that the same for the Mac version too?

I’m quite new to this, but if this is the case, what would be the best way to add UV wrapping on a model created in Shapr3D on the iPad?

I mean it’s created on the iPad but if there is a Mac program that I can easily import the obj file, and add UV wrapping and then export as obj would be perfect :slight_smile:

Any help very appreciated :slight_smile:

People have had great results with blender… and it’s free…

Thanks! :slight_smile: Inwas messing around a little with blender today, and I sort of got it working… have to watch a few more tutorials, but the UI is so messy… it would be awesome to have in Shapr3D :slight_smile:

But for now I guess I have to try to mess around with Blender. :slight_smile: