The ability to change the order of left side menu

The problem that this feature will solve:
When in landscape on the iPad I end up with the sketch tools being cut off with a single button to reveal the remaining tools. I use some of those more than others and it’s frustrations to have the workflow be slowed down to click then click again slightly to the right.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

The idea I hope to have is the ability to long hold on the tool to slide it up and down the tool bar. This will allow users to customize what order they are in and thus allowing a smoother workflow.

What is is that you can’t achieve without this feature?
A smooth workflow looking for a tool then realizing since the UI update it’s felt off but it wasn’t until now I realized what it was. For me I use the offset a lot and having it hidden hurts my workflow.
A metaphor would be this
You have 4 tools with you on a hike. You can’t choose what ones to carry even if you use one more than the others. You can carry 1 in each hand and the remaining 2 in the backpack. Every time you need one of the tools in your backpack you have to put it back the moment you are done using it.
I want the ability to choose what tools I carry in my hands and what go in the backpack.