Trim Command

It would be great to see the trim command not only delete entities, but also extend entities at their intersection. So it would/could enclose two entities in the sketch mode. This is really helpful when sketching arcs or splines.
If Shapr3D is able to do this, please feel free in giving me guidance.

That is a great idea, but extending the lines by a tool is currently unavailable in Shapr3D.
To make your line/arc longer, you can select the endpoint of the sketch element with the pencil and move it to get the desired length. For maintaining collinearity/concentricity, the purple guides are really helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks KPeter, if you’re able to pass this request along to the software team and see if they could incorporate it into the next release, that would be great.

I agree with kando! the red auxiliary lines are really beautiful, but to manually extend all the lines of a rotated fence pattern to the envelope rectangle is too expensive for an architectural firm. Thanks for putting it to your bucket list.