Tutorial or ideas for faux stitching?

I am creating a baby shoe that will be 3D printed. It is simple but still consists of tons of curves. I’d like to apply faux stitching (maybe raised ellipses or rounded rectangles) evenly around most of the edges, set in slightly, but placing them individually is impossible! Is there a more automated way to accomplish this? Thank you!

@heatherltn Hi!
Do you have a screenshot of your model, to help better understand?

Here it is. I need to go around all edges and openings (inset a bit) with raised dashes basically.

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hello, I would use the Project and the Sweep tools to create a tubular shape where the stitch should be. Then the continuous shape can be cut with bodies to get the pattern you are looking for. I made a small video to show the workflow, I hope it helps.


You know what would be real handy? The ability of a plane to capture a sketch where it intersects with bodies. That would greatly simplify what you just showed us. Less work and great.

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Thank you KPeter! I think I can get that to work for what I need. It will be time consuming since the stitches are so tiny, but at least it can be done. I appreciate your quickly supplied help and video!

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