Unable to 'grab' Transform handles

I am unable to grab the transform handles to move an object (xyz). I select an object, the handles appear, then I attempt to transform or move the object, but I am unable to do so. The object stays ‘locked’ in place and there is no movement. Please advise.

Can you post a screenshot or a video?

Can you please try to completely redtart the app? Double tap on home, swipe up.

I have followed your steps, but I have the same outcome. The handles do not allow movement. I have also restarted the device with no luck.

Are you trying to drag it with the Apple Pencil?

I am using the Apple Pencil. It works with everything else, but not that feature.

Are you running on iOS10 or 9? Small iPad or big?

iOS 10 with ipad pro 12.9.

Have you tried it in any other workspace? Did it ever work, or is it just broken now? Can you send this workspace to istvan@shapr3d.com? In .shapr format.

Also, does rotating work? With the three other handles?

It is broken for all workspaces (never worked). The rotate handles do not work either. I can only export to .stl with the free version. I wanted to try this out before buying.

Really weird, never heard of anything like this. Let me investigate the issue. One last idea: try to charge tour pencil for a few minutes.

Thanks for checking into it. The Pencil is charged 100% with same issue.

Any updates? I tried it with a second Apple Pencil, same issue.

I haven’t found any specific issue, although I am still investigating this. Do you want to beta test the 2.0? That might going to fix this issue. We will launch the beta program next week (hopefully).

Btw. have you tried reinstalling the app?

Yes, I’ll try the beta test. Let me know how. I did try a reinstall with no success. Thanks.

In the Settings > Shapr3D, there is a “Claas Kuhnen tutorial mode” switch. Can you try turning it on, and make a screencast of the issue? That would be really helpful. It requires restarting the app (press home button twice, swipe up Shapr3D).

I can try. I am new to ipad, do you have a suggestion for an app to make a screen recording? Or take one with mobile phone?