Under transform

Under transform the tutorial inside the app says I should see move rotate scale. My app was downloaded yesterday from the App Store of Apple but mine only shows move rotate. Under this I should see at the top copy that also is not a part of mine there is no copy.

This makes it hard to follow the tutorial being one of them is not up-to-date can you please help.

I apologize for the experience.
We have made further updates to the app’s user interface and tools positioning.
We are creating new videos to match with the latest updated user interface and we plan to make a parallel release for these soon.

This doesn’t help in the productivity I need to be doing as I have no projected date of when the final product will be done. Sadly, that makes for a bad review when you have such a great product. This creates a lot of frustration on the end user that is spending money trusting the product is complete with clear and understandable user guide/manual or video.

It’s still the same logic for the tools and they are simply positioned differently.
I understand that it’s not convenient and we try to update the tutorials as quickly as we can.

If you are experiencing any issues accessing any tool please drop a message here and we will respond as swiftly as we can.

Under “transform” the tutorial inside the app says I should see: move, rotate, scale, but mine only shows: move, rotate.

Under this I should also see at the top “copy” but that also is not a part of mine, there is no “copy”. How do I locate these missing options in the updated app?

Here are short videos on how to copy and scale on the updated user interface: