Unhelpful sketch error in history

Shaper3D v 5.550.0 macOS

Two sketches: Sketch A and Sketch B
Sketch A is a side view which i then extruded. Sketch B was on one of the faces of the extruded shape.

I went back and edited Sketch A. Sketch B then had this error in the history.

The fact that it had an error isn’t a big deal. The fact that the error message is complaining about multiple constraints but NOT telling me what those constraints are is maddening.

“This constraint would conflict with existing ones.”


Unless this error message is completely wrong, then it suggests that the software encountered a constraint that couldn’t be solved for, and then just decided to complain but not bother to include what it was complaining about.

Maybe this is just a text layout issue and the two “1 missing reference” lines are the constraints that are violated, but that’s not how it reads. It reads like

this constraint is a problem → ???
this constraint is a problem → ???

1 missing reference
1 missing reference

The problem with that is no-one thinks about a missing reference as being a “constraint”. It’s just a missing reference. So… that seems unlikely.

Also, why not say “2 missing references” instead of multiple lines of “1 missing reference” ?

CleanShot 2024-02-12 at 13.46.01@2x

IIRC they’re working on improving that experience in a future update.

yeah. This is just a different variation than what I’ve seen them comment on before, although i’m sure I missed some of the comments.

as a dev i want all the examples of failure cases i can get from users, so I figured I’d throw it over the wall in case no-one had raised this particular form of error messaging issue before.