Unwanted copies, trouble with sync

Hello Sharp3D

I have a problem with synchronizing the design data. After a backup from my iPad I have so many unwanted copies of my projects. Most of the projects got four unnamed copies.

Now I have too much projects that Sharp3D can’t show them all, is there a project limit?

The synchronization on the iPad has stopped at the date of 25.10.22, as long as I can’t upload all local files.

I have started to delete copies, after I can download some new ones. I have lot of free memory on the iPad.

Does anyone have such a case?

Is there a way to show all the projects so that I can find the duplicates more easily?

Thanks for any advice.

Try logging out from your account and again login to your account . This might solve the problem.

Hi @CADesigner! Can you please open a support ticket with your email address connected to your Shapr3D account? We’ll take a closer look at your case :pray: