Version Conflict Detected

Every now and then it happens that I get this weird error message. It is weird, because I only design on my Mac atm. I have an iPad with Shapr3D installed, but I never used it for the last 2 months.

So, what is going on here…?

Worry not, this does not mean that someone is tampering with your design from another device. What you’re running into is very likely the issue that we call ‘self-conflicting’. There are still a few, known scenarios where this might happen in curtain conditions and we are actively hunting them down with the Sync Team - so be sure to install new app versions as they come!

Until then, if it’s difficult to tell which version to resolve the conflict with based on the thumbnails and the modification dates, the safest option is to go with is ‘keep both’ to avoid data loss in such a situation.

Hey @Zsombor,

thanks for that feedback. Now I can sleep peacefully again. :smiley: