Visualization print outs

Has anyone noticed that when printing out the snapshot of the visualization projects that the print outs are not very good seems like the dpi level is very low. Let me know if you have any suggestions to make it better.

Thank you

Currently there is no way to do that - except for a workaround. The screenshot feature currently simply takes a screenshot of the screen, so if you do it on a larger screen the resolution will be higher. So if you open your design on a Mac with a large screen, and take a screenshot there, the resolution will be higher. Here is an example, and (almost) 4k screenshot of this incredible camera model by @Sebestyen:


istvan thanks for the response I do not use Shapr3D on a Mac only on the iPad and windows I wonder if I could maybe cast it to a larger monitor and then take a screenshot. Also I would like to tell you and your team that I think you are doing a very good job in making Shapr3D better every day. The thing I hope you and your team does not loose site of is also improving the drawing side of Shapr3D because the bottom line is that most of the vendors or customers want a drawing to verify what they are getting. I have been doing cad for over 30 years and I see a lot of softwares loose track of what the people that use their software really require in a good software.


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Drawings are not left behind at all, we will keep improving it over time. There is so much more we should do there.

ye i find the layer system hard to deal with. There are objects and sketches and at times I get frustrated and end up in Sketchup or Autodesk Inventor, just cause its quicker for me

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Hi @AnthonyWS , can you elaborate a bit please? What are the frustrating parts?

Getting into the habit of naming and organising your objects and sketches helps enormously.

I’m guilty myself of getting carried away with a design and failing to organise things… then my sidebar looks like a bowl of spaghetti…

I’m finding the essential task of name your components or drown has improved my work flow, especially how I feel at the end of a session. One of the greatest bits of advice I ever heard was that constraints are the most important thing in your tool kit. This proves that point.

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