Weird behavior when deleting edits

I did a short 1 minute test and immediately noticed that it behaved differently than other parametric CAD programs.
Here is an extremely simple example as a video:
Deleting fillets after another extrusion works without any problems using direct delete.
Deleting using a parameter list worked, but lost the geometry of the subsequent processing:


Hi @Helios , thanks for reporting this issue.

What happens here is:

  1. When you hit delete, the Face delete operation activates. It’s a direct modeling operation, that gets added to the end of the timeline. We could make it work differently, but we thought that this is a nice option to have. If you want to delete the feature, you can delete it from the timeline. In Shapr3D, if you click on any of the fillet faces, the fillet feature (and all of its ancestor features) will be highlighted on the timeline, and you can delete the feature. We could prioritize feature deletion instead of face deletion when the delete button is pressed, eg. these are the kind of things that we’d like to learn from beta users, how they want to use it.
  1. The extrude parameter should not get broken, this is a limitation of the beta. It will be fixed in the next couple of weeks.
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Yes, I’m only concerned with point 2: The extrude parameter, this must not be deleted.
It would be nice if this bug was fixed.


It will be, the team is already working on it. Reference handling is a bit fragile for now, we dramatically improving it.