What’s a good 3d lighting for Shapr3D models?

Okay, one last post.

I was wondering if there is alighting app on the iPad that I can to use Shapr3D models or exports? I understand that this isn’t something the Shapr3D company isn’t working on or may not implement so I’m looking for alternatives.


Cadmio? They are also not too flexible on their lighting. But they have alot of environments and being able to turn the model for best lighting

Custom lighting is probably coming to Shapr3d visualisation. It was mentioned in their presentation.

VRay, or use Shapr3D for building components and import those into a comprehensive package like Strata3D or Fusion360 that give you more options. Another path is to actually dump your rendering onto Fiverr or UpWork and get guys who are absolute wizards to manage it for you, for incredibly cheap pricing.