What should be the next feature?


I do some hobby wood work for a fun project with my kid.
My plan was to use shapr3d. But I switched back to sketchup for this, after some tests.

Missing for me is:

  • tape measure
  • group
  • layers

It was fun to try it in shapr3 and hope I can use it for the next project!



Groups and layers are the features that we are working on currently.

Tape measure is also on the roadmap, it will be implemented in the upcoming weeks.


Import images.would be nice!


Hi istvan, we have spoken on email already. I would hugely benefit from being able to add colour to models. I am using your app to create exhibition designs and would like to play around with colour directly on the model.



Both image import and coloring are on the roadmap. Currently we are working on general improvements and bugfixes, after that we will ship the layers/groups feature. When we will be ready with that, we will start to work on the next set of features. We have quite a long list of requested features, so probably we will always make polls where you can help us prioritize our tasks.


Also it would be great if you could add the option to name each workspace and also a duplicate workspace button as my clients always want to see various options of a similar design


Yes, the workspace management is kind of messy currently. Actually we have a really nice UI design for the workspaces, we just did not have the time to implement it.


Btw, have you tried the i3d viewer? We have some users who are using it together with Shapr3D for visualizing models with textures and colors.


I’d love to see background images as a design reference kind of thing…

Just load an image of an object you want to model right onto the planes and use the great tools to get along with it. Would be great to have the reference for correct sizing etc.


Yeah, that will be implemented after the layers funcionality, you will be able to create image layers, or something like that.


Absolutely fine! Looking forward to the release :+1:t2:


I just joined the forum. The app is a long time dream come true. It’s taking a few minutes to figure everything out but the videos helped a lot.
There are two features that I would love to see.

  1. Parametric Dimensioning. Example, Draw a square, extrude it, radius the four corners.Now with the new dimension tool you dimension the overall shape from parallel flat side to parallel flat side so that the part can be brought to size after the fact. I haven’t figured out if I can select multiple faces and then drag to elongate or shorten the overall shape.
    1b. I just thought that constraint would fit nicely with the above request.Example, this line stays parallel to this line, or perpendicular, or circles being concentric. I guess they go hand n hand.

I’ll make request number two a separate entity.

I really love what it can already do.

I hope to live in it a very long time. That’s why I’m making such a big request.



I am really glad you like Shapr :slight_smile:

  1. Currently you can not select multiple faces, but you will be able to do that in the upcoming releases (few weeks maybe)
    1b. We are really not sure about constraints. We will improve sketch editing capabilities, but probably not with constraints. Eg. currently setting angles/lengths can result quite weird behaviour in some cases, that has to be done properly. Also some tutorials coming for sketching.
  2. Not sure I understand, can you explain a bit more?


As a Sketchup user the things that are missing for me include:

Dimension lines
3d scaling

That being said I am so happy to have this app because I always have my iPad with me and almost never carry my laptop with sketchup…winner… Shapr3d!!


I use SolidWorks almost daily as mechanical product design engineer. I realize SolidWorks has been refined and improved upon for decades, and Shapr3D is new. That being said, technology has progressed a lot recently, and our CAD and software tools haven’t really. So I’m really excited about this user interface, and I think it has huge potential.

I only picked up an ipad pro and pencil for the first time yesterday, so I haven’t fully explored Shapr3D’s capabilities yet. The greatest need I see, upon first impression, is more control to create, define, and edit sketches. I looks like primitive curves, curve editing tools, and multiple select are all in the pipeline. Those things might address some of the issues I’m experiencing and listing here:

  1. When I draw a rectangle and try to drag the vertices around or change the dimension on one of the lines, it disconnects the lines from each other. So I have to edit each line individually, and sometimes that doesn’t work very well.
  2. Translating and transforming drawn shapes and lines (only seems to work for circles currently; will require primitive curves, “multiple select”, or “chain select” first)
  3. Creating new reference planes to put sketches on (right now, even creating a sketch on a plane on a part limits you to the edges of the part)

Some of the stuff @Make-R said would be super helpful:
4. Being able to dimension a sketch relative to edges or vertices already on the part, and
5. Some kind of constraints or relations would be awesome (i.e. making lines vertical/horizontal, making curves and lines tangent to each other)

(I can see how these things are tough, since right now in shapr3d the user makes “direct edits” to a “defined” sketch. In solidworks, sketches are “undefined” until the user adds enough dimensions and relations to “define” it. That’s a different approach. So just improving sketch edit-ability in general would be super helpful.)

Anyway, that was super involved, hope you could follow it. Looks like you guys are really interactive and responsive to user requests and feedback. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to seeing how this software develops!


Actually these are the things that we are working on currently. We are pimping our existing functionality, you can expect really awesome updates in the sketching mechanism. Trimming/joining will be added in the next few days, and also some kind of “constraining” mechanism will be added soon, but in a much smarter way than in other CAD (at least I think it is smarter :slight_smile:)


Surely if you want construction lines (ie a scaffold that isn’t part of your object) then if you put all these in a group and then had the ability to mark that group as ‘Reference’ or ‘Scaffold’ (and allow you to select a display colour for them) then you could use lock these so they couldn’t be edited yet were available to snap to?

might also be an idea to disable sketch fill for any reference/scaffold group/layer


Yes, that would totally make sense. Great idea actually.


Primitive tool box, with interactive creation steps: tap on the primitive, input dimensions and there you have it!


That’s quite often requested, thus we probably going to implement it, but actually you can already easily create any primitive with dimensions (box, cylinder, sphere etc)