What should be the next feature?


i am viduall impaired. I can work with shapr3d, but it is very difficult for me. I would appreciate, if you could add preferendes, where clolurs of background, measurements, text. modell colur , grid colour an trensparecy of that could be adjusteed.
even it would be perfect, of the sizes of the connection point, small arrows etc colud be chaned to bigger sizes.
Alos it would be perfect, if colurs for each group colud be adjustet.
I like the program



I couldn’t be more suprised and happy for a feature request like that. that’s actually great to hear that you are enjoying Shapr, despite the difficulties you have to face. I will definitely put your request on the roadmap, and we will consider implementing it. Actually we would love to hear more about your needs, and about how we could make using Shapr easier for you.


Thanks for your answer istwan.
here more detailed , which will help me and for sure also “normal vision users”

  • free color for Background, object lines, mesurement lines und measurement boxes, text . Grid, objects.and filling.
  • transparency for grid.
  • possibility to activate and deactivate grid
  • Possibility to fix the Grid to a certain value ( for example 1 mm or 2 mm etc). If there is a fixed grid active there should be also a snap only on the grid-points.
  • size for snap ponts an ohter movements ponts for example at transform ( wrros etc ) for example as prferences normal mmedium big.
  • sounds as signal, if you has selected an snap. point or another point for example an arrow at trnsform. sound if the pencil touch the drawing area. Generaly different sound for different action. that should be activatable in preferences for each sound.
    it is already very good for viusual impaired peaple, that generaly the background of drawing area and menue or boxes of the number pad has the same bright colured background. so if for example a switch to invers mode on the ipad i got briht text on dark color… in some apps are menu often inverse of the drawing area, which is very bod, because then i can even see the menu or the drawing area and one of each is blending . so keep that in mind an leave how it is.

These cahnges woould help not even visual impaired peaple also pleople, which have may problems to work accurate with their handds an and pencil…


Thanks for your feedback, we will definitely consider implementing at least some of those! This is really interesting.


If you guys can somehow implement the use of a section tool (just like how it is in sketchup), this would massively improve productivity - and would mean I immediately go out to the Apple Store and pick up a 12.9" iPad Pro.


I work with precious metals and therefore volume is important. I can import to other programs and do the weight calculation but it would be easier to do it directly in Shapr.


Check out the next release in September :wink:


Aha! :thinking:


Hello Istvan,
How will you be addressing the volume calculation and will you be able to select a surface and flatten it?
That will be most helpful for translating sheet cut and wrapped builds.


When you select a body, the volume will appear next to the other infos we display about the selected items.

You will be able to replace faces of bodies, yes.


Very much looking forward to that.


Snap points for lines are needed for me.
When working on a project that uses measurements smaller then the grid size, Shapr often begins a new line at a grid point… if the intersection of two lines, (to whitch a third is being added) is not at a snap point, it is difficult and time consumiong to confidently place a line (ray) endpoint where desired… If the end-of-line marker (the white dot used to edit and lock the lines); if this could change color when at the endpoint of a ray, or at the intersection of a two lines, my productivity, and confidence in line placement would be greatly improved. Although Google Sketchup uses a similar interface for lines (color changes to show placement), it fails when attempting to place a line near an intersection or midpoint. Sketchup will tend toward snapping to the marker, making it difficult in placing lines nearby.
A “marker snap” on/off toggle in Shapr3D would marry the two techniques for line placement nicely. When “marker snap off” then the line/ray point begins on the grid, when “marker snap on” the line snaps to the midpoint, end, or intersection. (I was thinking hold down toggle with thumb for snap to point on line, let go to snap to grid :slight_smile: ).
Google Sketchup is a great tool for 3D modeling; more concentrated on building models line by line… where as, seems to me Shapr3D creates models shape by shape . Both have its merits, often line by line creates unwanted planes, and less clean of a finished model, shape by shape, has issues, such as creating simple shapes that would be easier to make with lines… such as a pyramid, or a hollow pyramid with a thin wall, or an angled and tapered plane.
I really enjoy Shapr3D, Have recommended it to my girlfriend, and others to use. It is great for the weekend, or novice CAD modeler, and outstanding that it is used on the IPad! Look forward to seeing what is new in upcoming releases.
Though I use an outdated Sketchup program, Shapr3D Blows Sketchup out of the water when it comes to modeling curves and complex shapes easily, such as the sphere. I look forward to purchasing Shapr3D when it can better compete with Sketchup’s interface.


You will be able to turn on and off grid snapping with the next release.


Will there be snap to points on lines and solid objects? The whole dimensioning system has been a real struggle for me with shapr3d coming from f360.


Points on lines: yes, with the next release. What do you mean by solid objects?


Awesome, just meant on the edges of solid objects.


If you sketch on a planar face of a body, the sketches will snap to the edges already. Actually you can even set constraints between sketches and edges.


Hello Shapr3D,

I’m new completely to 3D Modeling world and was messing around with this all weekend and a couple things I would like added are:

  1. taking a face of a shape and extend to a point. To create for example a needle point or nail point.
    Ex. Draw circle. Highlight shape. Extend to make 3D. Click dimensions button. Type height wanted and select check box “to point”

  2. when you select the group add function, if you create multiple shapes on top of each other they become one whole shape. Consider if you create a new group that would start a blank canvas then anything you create will be only in that group.
    Ex. Group 1 (default) create a box. Add new group (group2). Add cylinder shape out of face of box. Press hide group1 only the box disappears left with cylinder shape only showing.

If these were already discussed above my apologies in advanced for the duplicate request. I scrolled immediately to the bottom :wink:

I’m loving this tool so far. It’s very fun and the UI is extremely user friendly after the quick tips when you load the program. Thanks for taking the time.



My wish list would be.

  1. Logo vector import to extrude logos
  2. Text Extrusion
  3. Asset library, to save a group and bring it back in for common built items like USB sockets.

Not sure how far down the road map they would be.


Extrude will have more options soon, including draft angle, and probably a direction setting as well.