Window State Restauration

This is just pathetic whining on my part and nothing substantial. BUT… it really makes me bonkers that the window on macOS doesn’t remember the width of its sidebar. Every time I open the app, I have to adjust it again. :see_no_evil:

So, this is more addressed to the team of Shapr. // @Istvan


Noted :slight_smile: We will look into it.

So, this request is now one and a half years old. But the problem still exists. I can well imagine that it seems more marginal from the point of view of important functions, but it bothers me massively that I have to adjust everything by hand after every start of Shapr3D. In addition, all folders are always collapsed after every start. That shouldn’t be the case either.

“Thank you for your cooperation” ™


Nothing new on this topic, @Istvan?

Hi @woodbytes , I understand that you don’t like this behavior. We keep improving our UI, but we don’t have this improvement on our short term roadmap. However, this part of the interface will be significantly improved soon in other ways.

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Okay, thanks for the feedback.